Student Writing Forum Pilot Program Commences Winter Quarter

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"In My Own Words" Student Writing Forum Pilot Program Commences Winter Quarter at CSCC/OSUM Delaware Campus

Written and submitted by Ohio State Marion Associate Professor of English, Ben McCorkle

English faculty at Columbus State Community College and Ohio State Marion's Partnership campus in Delaware are inaugurating a pilot program this winter that strives to celebrate the written words of their freshmen composition students. Called “In My Own Words,” this student writing forum will cull the best essays from various first-year composition courses on the campus, culminating in a public reading.  In an effort to build upon the already promising culture of partnership at the Highway 23 location just south of Delaware, the two faculty groups thought the best way to accomplish this was by showcasing the work that the students themselves do.   

This quarter, faculty will be highlighting the best personal narratives in their courses using a variety of methods ranging from teacher’s choice, class vote, or blind peer review (where students from an entirely different class determine the best essay). At the end of the quarter, date and time to be determined, there will be a public reading at the Cyber Cafe in Moeller Hall to celebrate the written word. Additionally, prizes will be awarded to those students whose essays are recognized.

“The personal stories my students share each quarter are truly inspirational and deserve to be recognized publicly.  I'm thrilled to participate in this project to showcase the powerful student voices on this campus.” said Nancy Pine, a Columbus State professor who teaches on the Delaware campus and one of the program’s coordinators.

“In addition to shining a spotlight on our students’ powerful writing, we wanted to set up a program that would be easy for participating teachers to implement in their classes without disrupting their respective curricula” said Ben McCorkle, Writing Program Administrator for Ohio State Marion. “I’m really looking forward to seeing the results later this quarter.”

“One of the goals of this project is to nurture a fellowship of writers and a culture of excitement about the possibilities of the written word that will spill over into classes beyond our first-year writing courses,” said Stuart Lishan, Associate Professor and Ohio State English Department Coordinator at Ohio State Marion.

Future plans in subsequent quarters include a focus on publishing student writing, and a miniature academic conference highlighting student research and scholarship. For more information about this pilot program, contact Nancy Pine by email at or by phone at (740) 203-8072.