Pilot program celebrating the written word deemed a success

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Last quarter, instructors from Columbus State and The Ohio State University at Marion participated in a pilot program to celebrate the written words of their students.

Essays featured in the “In My Own Words” reading event were selected by instructors and their students in various Columbus State/Ohio State Marion freshman writing courses during winter quarter.  The quarter culminated in a public reading, held March 7 in the balcony area of Moeller Hall's Cyber Cafe.

The selected student writers selected each received a $10 gift card in recognition of their great writing.  Additionally, a panel of judges comprised of instructors from both institutions (and unaffiliated with the selected students) determined the three best essays of the entire group—these winning student writers will receive $25 gift cards, and their essays will be posted online.

Since many of the students and teachers involved in the "In My Own Words" pilot program felt it was so successful, it is being repeated for spring quarter.

BEST IN SHOW (Click below to read the full text of the student's work)
Sue Snyder, "Dinner at Five" (Sue Oakes, Instructor)
Shanna Peyton, “Cactus Hollow” (Kathryn Denton, Instructor)
Kirsten Dunster, “The Dark Cloud with a Silver Lining in My Community” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)

Hope Kusan, “Leap of Faith” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
Sara Barker, “Divorce” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
Tasha Curtis, “Beach Bash” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
Kayla Schultz, “My Grandpa” (Kathryn Denton, Instructor)
Robert Jordan Murphy, “The Bear Story” (Kathryn Denton, Instructor)
Maureen Flanagan, “The Annual Exchange” (Kathryn Denton, Instructor)

Kristie Delpin, "When My Dream Came True" (Alyssa Francis, Instructor)
Brittany Lust, "That's Italian!" (Sue Oakes, Instructor)
Matthew Porter: "Family of Miracles" (Sue Oakes, Instructor)
Trever Sangster, "Floating in the Light Blue Sky" (Sue Oakes, Instructor)
Becky Leung, "Trapped in Silence" (Amy Tibbals, Instructor)
Fadumo Diriye, "My Mother" (Amy Tibbals, Instructor)