In My Own Words 3.0 follow-up

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This semester, instructors from Columbus State and Ohio State Marion continued to celebrate the written words of their students in what has become a regular reading event.

Essays featured in the “In My Own Words 3.0" reading were selected by instructors and their students in various Columbus State/Ohio State Marion freshman writing courses during fall semester. On Wednesday, November 28, a public reading was held in the balcony area of Moeller Hall's Cyber Cafe, with students, faculty, and friends in attendance.

The selected student writers selected each received a $10 gift card in recognition of their great writing. Additionally, a panel of judges made up of instructors from both institutions (and unaffiliated with the selected students) determined the three best essays of the entire group—these winning student writers received $25 gift cards, and their essays will be posted online.

Now concluding its third installment, the "In My Own Words" program will continue Spring Semester and beyond.

BEST IN SHOW (click the links below to read the works)


  • Frank Laredo, "Ego That-a-Way" (Mike Lohre, Instructor)
  • Mercedes Snyder, "Best For My Success" (Mike Lohre, Instructor)
  • HollyAnne Prater, "The Journals" (Mike Lohre, Instructor)
  • Ritu Sharma, "Family” (Mike Lohre, Instructor)
  • Deema Rasul, “My Horrible Tanning Adventure” (Amy Tibbals, Instructor)
  • Rachel Stripe, “Then & Now” (Amy Tibbals, Instructor)
  • Kate Johnson, “What Really Matters” (Amy Tibbals, Instructor)
  • Forrest Farson, “Deprivation and Determination” (Amy Tibbals, Instructor)


  • Autumn Nichols, “The End of the Beginning” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
  • Bayli Friz, “Those Twelve Words” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
  • Brad Cantrell, “History That Made History” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
  • Evan Taylor, “Star Birds and Toucans” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
  • Isaac Myman, “Books Are Always Better” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
  • Matt Leachman, “Writing to Save My Soul” (Nancy Pine, Instructor)
  • Justin Babtist, “The Moment of Truth” (Tricia Baker, Instructor)
  • Tori Walker, “Accidents Happen!” (Tricia Baker, Instructor)
  • Kelly Spears, “The Freckled Boy” (Tricia Baker, Instructor)
  • Cassidy Rausch, “The Staircase” (Kate Denton, Instructor)
  • Chris Tkach, “Scotch on My Breath” (Kate Denton, Instructor)