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Five Nights on Campus moves to Friday evening for one-night-only, one-of-a-kind show

Written by James Steven, Assistant Editor
Published in The Marion Star
Thursday, March 21, 2013 edition

MARION— It’s a hometown visit for Larissa Thurston Bateman and a chance to perform for— and with— old friends.

Bateman is featured in the next Five Nights on Campus performance, where she will be joined by Cabot Rea and David Tolley. All have more in common than the respect they earned for their talents in live performance.

All three have ties to the Marion community and have now combined their talents to present a captivating show entitled “On Stage: An Evening of Songs and Stories.”

“It’s fun for me to get with Cabot and David and come home,” Bateman said. “I still call Marion home.”

The one-night show is at 7:30 p.m. April 12 in Morrill Hall Auditorium.

Bateman is the daughter of Lowell and Linda Thurston, who still live in Marion. A1991 Marion Harding grad, she went to Syracuse University and then to New York City, where she lived and performed for about 10 years.

She moved back to be closer to family and now lives inWesterville with her husband and three sons. She teaches music and drama at Columbus Academy. During her career as a singer, dancer and actress, she was a member of the Broadway Company of “Cats” and has appeared in episodes of “Law & Order,” “All My Children” and “The Conan O’Brien Show.”

Rea is an NBC4 news anchor whose real passion has always been music. He has performed principal roles with the Ohio Light Opera and Kenley Players and has made appearances throughout Ohio.

Tolley, a pianist and composer, will accompany them. Since his breakthrough appearance on “The Tonight Show,” where he came out of the audience to perform when the scheduled guest couldn’t make it, Tolley has an impressive list of accolades, including a performance at the White House.

Bateman has known Rea from when they both performed for the Miss Heart of Ohio pageant held here.

Rea and Tolley both have family from Marion.

The three performers first got together on stage for a charity benefit in Columbus.

“We all have these connections and stories to the songs we sing, what if we all got up and shared some of that with the audience,” she said, of how it all came together.

Gary Iams, her music instructor in school, was at that charity performance and asked them to do the show here for Five Nights.

Bateman said it’s not scripted, and there’s some humor mixed in.

It will be the three of them singing their favorite songs and sharing about their backgrounds and their connections to Marion.

“I like to talk about all my flops. It’s fun,” she said.

The mission of Five Nights on Campus is to provide exceptional and diverse cultural and educational opportunities and to encourage the community to be a part of campus life. The series, which began in autumn 1995, offers an outstanding blend of talented local, national and international performers.

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