Fulbright Scholars: Beadwork of the Zulu People

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Fulbright Faculty

July 15, 2014

Ohio State fielded a record number of Fulbright Scholars during the 2013-14 academic year. Learn more about these faculty members' projects and experiences with this interactive map showing their work around the world.

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Carol Boram-Hays
Art History, The Ohio State University at Marion

She researched beadwork, one of the primary art forms practiced by the Zulu people.

Art can reveal so much about a culture, and preserving a specific form for future generations brought Boram-Hays to Johannesburg, South Africa.

There, she researched beadwork of the Zulu people. She believes that deep knowledge about this common art form is unknown to people under 50, and she wanted to collect information before older generations are gone.

“The most interesting part of my current research is to see how many younger people are interested in returning to older traditions. Overall, I am gaining a better understanding of this art form and its cultural significance.”