Dunk a doctor, inspire students to higher education

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Dunk a doctor, inspire students to higher education
Marion Chiropractor Dr. Scot Gray plans Kids’ Fun Day to benefit tuition voucher program

It’s not every chiropractor who would subject him or herself to being the target in a “Dunk-A-Doc” game.  But then, Dr. Scot Gray, D.C. isn’t every chiropractor.  The owner of the Ohio Neck and Back Pain Relief Center at 1448 Marion-Waldo Road is hosting a Kids’ Fun Day at his clinic on the south side of Marion on Saturday, July 13th from 11:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. 

There will be pony rides, hot dogs, a bouncy tent, and the “Dunk-A-Doc” tank—all for one dollar each.  Dr. Gray will also offer neck and back pain evaluations including x-rays for $20.  All proceeds will go to benefit The Ohio State University at Marion’s GoBuck$ project. 

Dr. Gray is a major donor to the Marion County GoBuck$ program that provides tuition vouchers to Marion County school students for meeting attendance and achievement goals during their K-12 years.  He and other donors are hoping to build the GoBuck$ endowment to a level where the college tuition program will be self-sustaining, encouraging more Marion County students to seek a four-year degree.

“Marion is why I’m here,” said Dr. Gray, whose wife Jenn will be helping him and the Ohio Neck and Back Pain Relief Center staff operate the Kids’ Fun Day this Saturday. 

Dr. Gray, who was recently installed as Marion Rotary president, isn’t sure how many times he’ll make a splash in the Dunk-A-Doc tank, “but it will be worth it,” he said. 

“Every dollar we can bring in will bring us closer to improving the number of people we have attending college in this area,” explained Gray.  “And that, in the long run, will be one of the best things we can do for this community.”

“We are thrilled that Dr. Gray has taken such an interest in this important program,” said Dr. Greg Rose, dean and director of The Ohio State University at Marion. 

“Scot is more than a good donor,” Rose added, “he’s a creative and active participant in making his community a better place—and we’re honored to be a partner with him in promoting higher education here in Marion.”