The Ohio State University at Marion

Someone will realize a lifelong dream

Attending Ohio State has been a dream for Ohio State sophomore Morgan Marconi for as long as she can remember. Seeing her grandmother cheer for Ohio State football when she was little, she said, was her first glimpse of Buckeye pride.

“I attended many football games as a kid with one of my biggest role models, my dad,” said Marconi. “It was something we bonded over and it is one of the many reasons why we are so close today.”

When high school rolled around, Marconi shared, she finally was able to see an academic view of the university. “I was mesmerized with how many opportunities this diverse university offered,” she said.” “It was love at first sight.”

When Marconi received her acceptance letter to Ohio State Marion, she was so excited that she had her foot in the door at Ohio State, she shared.

According to Marconi, spending her first year at an Ohio State regional campus gave her a great academic foundation for her college career, while allowing her to connect to the Buckeye tradition.

“Being on the Marion campus during my freshman year gave me the opportunity to focus and study hard during the week, and travel to Columbus to attend football games in Block O,” she said. “I also rushed a sorority spring of my freshman year,” she added.

“Being on a regional campus does not limit your opportunities; it’s all Ohio State. There are Buckeyes everywhere in Ohio—not just in Columbus.”

Now a sophomore on the Columbus campus, Marconi reflected back on her first year and the breadth and depth of Ohio State, which has provided her so many opportunities to network and create bonds with new friends.

Getting event notifications for both the Columbus and Marion campuses helped Marconi feel even more connected to the university. “I am lucky because I get to experience student life on two incredible Ohio State campuses,” she said. “There is always something going on, whether it’s being part of the college experience or taking a step toward achieving my academic goals.”