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Someone will change their family's future

July 31, 2018
Someone will change their family's future

Isaac (left) and Isaiah (right) Green are identical twins who share more than just a very similar genetic make-up; they also share a love for the campus and the university they chose to attend.

The first generation college students from Marysville, Ohio, grew up with a strong work ethic and a similar need to make a better life for themselves, their posterity, and their mother, Nicole. A single mother of three boys, including younger brother Ivan, who is diagnosed with autism, Nicole Green earned money doing child-care in their home.

According to Isaac, despite a strong desire to go to college herself, she knew she had to make ends meet and be sure her boys had a positive influence at home to guide their work ethic, character, and development.

“She doesn’t love that option,” said Isaac, “but it was a way for her to be home with us and make sure we stayed on the right path. She made sure we stayed with the right people and got involved in school activities,” he added. According to both Isaac and Isaiah, what drives the twins today is the strong influence their mother had on their lives.

“Our mom ingrained in both of us that she didn’t want us to struggle,” said Isaac. “She would always be super stressed out and worried; ‘You need to do better than me and be better than me,’” she said.

Always there for sound advice, “She always told me to never give up and always ask questions. Be honest no matter what, and love what you do. Try to find something you love and do it,” Isaac explained.

According to Isaac, he and his brother are motivated to relieve stress from their mother, and set a foundation for future generations of the Green family.

Both twins chose Ohio State to pursue their education, and Marion as their first choice campus.

“When you get that degree from Ohio State and you go out to get that first job the name Ohio State means something,” he said.

Now in their second year at Ohio State Marion, the brothers count on each other for support, and look forward to the day they can walk through Ohio Stadium together to earn their Ohio State degree and make their mother proud.