The Ohio State University at Marion

Someone will inspire a movement

Water is a valuable commodity. It is life-sustaining. When Ohio State Marion social work major, Cassandra Tooson heard about the scarcity of clean drinking water in Flint, Michigan, she was bound and determined to be part of an effort to help the people of Flint and inspire others to do the same. Through her membership in Ohio State Marion’s Social Work Club, Cassandra is bringing the power of Ohio State to the national effort to deliver clean drinking water to the people of Flint.

"So basically, we’re just giving back to, not only people in our community, but people in a different state and their community as well. It’s like ‘hey, there are people out there who care about us," said Tooson.

“We all need water to drink. We need it to eat, to bathe…so I brought it to the attention of the Social Work Club, and they’re like, ‘You know what? That could be our big community project.’”

The Marion club reached out to the social work clubs on Ohio State’s other campuses. The groups conducted fundraisers, accepted donations of money and bottled water, then consolidated and delivered their collective donations. The effort grew to a point that it required a large truck to make the delivery to Flint, thanks in part to Kroger Co. donating multiple pallets of bottled water.

“They were very appreciative,” said Tooson, “because water’s very…you need it basically every day.”

“So that was our big community project for social work,” Tooson explained, “and social work is all about giving back to the community, helping others – not only
yourself, but others that need help.”

“I was really excited to do it because I’m a people person; I like helping people, so to be able to give back to others…that’s a big piece of my heart. So the experience of taking the water [up] there, it’s like, ‘Wow, you know, we’re really helping people that need help’ If it was us, you know, I’m pretty sure that they would do the same thing for us if we need it.”