The Ohio State University at Marion

Path to medical school leads through Marion

January 18, 2017

Ohio State freshman Ayah Said aspired to become a doctor even before she took her ACT’s or visited a college campus. Her passion to pursue a medical career developed shortly after her younger sister was diagnosed with juvenile onset type one diabetes.

Said’s sister, who is currently a senior Worthington Kilbourne, was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 5th grade.

“Her doctor inspired me,” said Said. “She was super cool. I wanted to be like her when I grew up.”

“I really love kids and babies,” added Said. “I first wanted to be an OB/Gyn., but wanted a more stable schedule,” which led the 2016 Worthington Kilbourne graduate to consider the idea of becoming a pediatrician.

With a firm direction on what she wanted to do with her life beyond high school, Said simply needed to choose a college and a major to follow through with her plans. Ohio State was at the top of her list.

“My dad always wanted me to go to Ohio State. The family decided against attending the Columbus campus, especially in year one, but according to Said, no other school was ever an option. For Said, who has spent her entire life in Ohio, Ohio State represented pride.

“A lot of people we know went to Ohio State and went on to successful careers,” she said.

Ohio State Marion quickly became her top choice.

Ohio State Marion’s renewed emphasis and investment in STEM education, a new Science & Engineering Building set to open autumn 2017, new science faculty, majors in biology, expanded coursework in the sciences, and newly developed student housing adjacent to the campus were key factors in Said’s decision.

Now a semester into her freshman year, Said isn’t sure she wants to leave the Marion campus.

“I came here to just stay a couple of years,” she said, “but now I want to stay more than just a couple years.”

Said explained that she wanted to go into biology to fulfill her aspirations to become a doctor, but felt more passion towards psychology and changed her major. Psychology is one of a growing number of degree programs students can complete at Ohio State Marion.

“I am in love with the faculty. I appreciate them. They really care and they want you to succeed,” Said explained emphatically.

“I like the small community feel of it. You get one-on-one time with your professor,” she said.

According to Said, there are also opportunities for one-on-one assistance at the library, the academic enrichment, center and other departments throughout campus.

Said is not just excelling in the classroom, she is getting involved in campus life as a member of the Arabic Club and a panelist on a recent Muslim Student Panel. To build experience and a resume in the medical field, she also works as a phlebotomist through Ohio Health at Marion General Hospital.

Just one semester out of high school, Said envisions a solid future that includes a successful central Ohio pediatric practice where she sets her own office hours, and maybe a husband and two kids. That all begins at Ohio State Marion.