The Ohio State University at Marion

Reporting Sexual Assaults

Student victims of sexual assaults should report incidents immediately. 

Reporting an assault does not require filing criminal charges. 

Reports can be made to Marion Campus Public Safety, any campus administrator, or staff personnel. 

If requested, campus administrators or other personnel will assist the student in notifying the authorities. 

Students reporting a sexual assault will be offered assistance in obtaining medical support and information regarding legal and judicial action. 

Students who decide to file criminal charges should be aware of the importance of immediately reporting the incident and the importance of preserving physical evidence at both the assault scene and on the victim’s person. 

The gathering of physical evidence can provide important evidence and support of the criminal charges leading to a successful prosecution.

In addition to criminal charges, students have the right to bring charges through the OSU Marion judicial system. 

The Student Affairs Director initiates Ohio State Marion judicial process.