The Ohio State University at Marion

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Both Ohio State University at Marion and Marion Technical College prohibit the illegal use, production, manufacture, sale, distribution and/or possession of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances. In addition, the misuse of substances which present physical or psychological hazards to individuals is prohibited. 

Penalties for violation of these regulations, including judicial and disciplinary policies, are set forth in the respective institution’s Code of Student Conduct. 

Violations of alcohol and drug policies may also constitute a criminal offense, having the potential to result in arrest and prosecution per the Ohio Revised Code.

At various times throughout each year, the campus sponsors Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention programs intended to educate, heighten awareness, and promote prevention of abuse. Further, the campus’ alcoholic beverage policy requires that all persons attending any function at which alcohol is served must be able to show proof of legal drinking age. Non-alcoholic beverages are provided for individuals attending such functions.

Students are reminded that one of the best ways to keep safe is to be in control of your mind and body, and that means remaining alert and sober at social events and parties. 

Many violent crimes, including acquaintance rape, are alcohol-related (Am I Safe on Campus - Little Falls, NJ - 2007/Mansfield Campus Safety). Students are encouraged to stay sober and stay safe. 

Don’t go anywhere you don’t want to go with anyone you don’t want to go with; and don’t leave alone from a party or social event with someone you’ve just met - make arrangements before you go out.