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Hands on geometry for teachers

Assistant Professor of Education, Aina Appova brings unique teaching style to her students in Math 1136. What are pyramids, dipyramids, bipyramids, prisms, and antiprisms? Is a prism with 1000 edges possible? What about a pyramid with 1000 faces? How many vertices does the hexagonal antiprism have? Students in Math 1136, a course designed specifically for prospective PreK-8 teachers, are using Polydrons and Polydron Frames to build 3-D figures to make sense of different types of polyhedra and to explore the relationships between their faces, edges, and vertices (Euler’s Polyhedral formula). Students also used the Polydrons to investigate why there are only five Platonic Solids: tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, cube, and dodecahedron.