The Ohio State University at Marion

Dean Rose letter to the Ohio State Marion community

March 29, 2020

Good afternoon,
As we enter the second week of our new format for teaching and working, I want to thank you for your continuing efforts to make these unusual arrangements serve our students and each other as effectively as possible.

I had a chance to attend some of a Zoom meeting last Friday, hosted by Donna, during which faculty asked questions and benefited from each other’s collective wisdom to learn more about the electronic means of delivering instruction. The collegial interactions of faculty to help each other are both gratifying to see and not at all unexpected given faculty’s deep commitment to our students and our mission.

Our advisors, retention and disabilities services staff, and mental health counselors are continuing to meet students’ needs through various means of virtual connections. At the same time, our staff are keeping engaged with each other, meeting virtually to keep their departments and activities running. The teamwork displayed by staff virtually is just as wonderful as it has been in person during normal times.

I want to give a heartfelt shout-out of appreciation to Jade Elkins, who is maintaining campus security every day, and to Autumn Lovejoy, Matt Atwood, Steve Bail, Dave Harmon, and Ron Turner who are coming into campus for brief periods to check on the mail, the mechanical systems, and to clean areas where faculty and staff have been when they quickly come in and just as quickly leave. These staff are taking doing special things for all of us to keep the campus running.

You also should know that President Drake has extended the university’s disaster declaration for another week. As a result, facilities staff again will be off campus, but paid, for the week of March 30. While the campus is closed, we are ensuring that campus and buildings are safe and secure.

Everyone in our Ohio State Marion community is stepping up to make the best of an unusual and unexpected situation, and I am deeply appreciative of the culture of caring that each of you are showing every day. Please be well and take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Thanks, Greg

Gregory S. Rose, Dean and Director
The Ohio State University at Marion