The Ohio State University at Marion

​Zero waste campus hits new plateau

The Marion campus of The Ohio State University and Marion Technical College recently achieved their best recycling month since their partnership began with Sims and Marion Correctional Institute in 2014.

Ninety-four percent of waste received from the campus was successfully recycled in June 2016, which equates to 10,230 pounds of refuse that avoided the landfill. An organization can officially consider itself zero waste if it reaches 90 percent recycled waste material.

According to Marion Campus Superintendent/Facility Maintenance and Security, Ron Turner, it takes a team of people on campus and great community partnerships to achieve such a tremendous goal.

“Special thanks goes to the Marion Campus Physical Facilities Department for their daily efforts to move all campus waste and recycling materials from the buildings to the single roll off container on campus,” said Turner. “Also, thanks to our students, faculty and staff for putting waste and recycling materials in special labeled containers to help keep the Marion campus green.”

The Marion campus efforts are part of an overarching emphasis placed on sustainability at The Ohio State University.