The Ohio State University at Marion

Steps to take before Orientation

Following are several things you should complete ahead of time to make your Orientation day less stressful and more effective. Additional details associated with each item are listed in the Orientation booklet that you will receive in the mail once you pay your acceptance fee.

  • Activate your OSU username and email account. This is your e-mail account and you need to have it activated before you can take your Math Placement Test online. visit the following website to activate your username:
  • Order Official Transcripts and Test Scores. Only official transcripts will be accepted by Ohio State – either from your high school and/or from the registrar of your former or current university. Official transcripts must be sent from the academic institution to the Ohio State address listed below. Do not have official transcripts sent to the student and do not have them sent to the Marion campus.

Send Official Transcripts to:
The Ohio State University
Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 182646
Columbus, OH 43218

Submit electronically to:

  • Prepare for the Math placement test. Access a list of test topics and sample problems here.
  • Take your Math Placement Test online at least three days prior to your Orientation. If you have been admitted for summer or autumn semester, the test will be available to you by May 1st. Visit the following website to take the Math Placement Test:

If you are unable to take the math placement test online for any reason, or, if you take the online test and receive a score of "U", you must take the test in person on the Marion campus by appointment. To schedule a test in Marion, contact Amy Erickson at 740-725-6107. If taking the math test in person, bring a #2 pencil and a calculator (graphing calculators are permitted). If you have not taken the math test by your Orientation day, you will not be able to schedule a math class during Orientation. Your schedule can be adjusted after you take the math test.

If you are transferring math credit to Ohio State, additional information may be required. Your advisor will talk with you about this when they call you prior to Orientation.

Please Note: You may only take the Math Placement Test one time.

  • Talk with your parents/guardians/spouse about your health insurance coverage. Ohio State students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours must have health insurance. You will automatically be charged for OSU’s student health insurance plan. If you are covered through another plan, you must waive the OSU coverage through your Buckeye Link. This can be done prior to or at Orientation. You will need information found on your health insurance card to waive the OSU coverage. Information on the OSU health insurance plan can be found at:
  • Complete the Financial Responsibility Statement. The terms of this agreement are found in the "To Do List" area of your Buckeye Link. You will not be able to schedule classes until you agree to the terms of the statement.
  • If you are a male, be sure that you have registered with Selective Service. Bring your Selective Service number with you on Orientation day to avoid being charged non-resident fees. To register or to access your number, visit:

Note: You should expect a phone call from one of our Academic Advisors 10 to 14 days ahead of your Orientation. They will be calling to verify information related to your intended major, placement testing, CCP and AP credits if applicable and any restrictions to your course schedule. This will be an important conversation ensuring that we have the most accurate information as we prepare for your Orientation. Please be sure that you have voice mail set up so we don’t miss this opportunity to connect with you prior to Orientation.