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Peer Leaders

First Year Experience Peer Leaders support all new students beginning with orientation through the end of the first year at Ohio State Marion. Peer leaders focus year-round on outreach and relationship development, expanding the mission of First Year Experience to holistically impact all new students as they progress through their first year. Students in this role use their knowledge and perspective as experienced peers to connect new students to the people, resources and information essential for success in the first year. Peer leaders are significant in shaping first-year students’ transition, motivation and satisfaction, which contributes to students’ persistence to the second year and beyond.

Meet the Peer Leaders

Nathan Baker
Mount Gilead, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): 1102H Regular Honors Seminar. It was the first class I've ever wished lasted longer. It was taught by two professors who had a great teaching dynamic. The class was set up around group discussions which were always really interesting.

Study tip: If you have a lot of studying to get done, list it all out first. This is huge because it makes your work less intimidating, and you know exactly what needs done in every class. I find clarity is always important for getting one's tasks done.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: Professors in general. I go to office hours all the time and ask for advice. I would also recommend participating in class and asking professors lot's of questions. This helps you build a relationship with your professor and learn more about the class topic.

Advice for new students: Form as many connections as you can with staff and faculty. There are so many benefits from this. Forming relationships with your professors helps you succeed in classes. Staff and faculty are both extremely beneficial in keeping you aware of new opportunities and events on campus.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: I was surprised at how much of a community this campus is. Staff and faculty are closely involved with the students. There's a definite culture here, and it's awesome.

Most influential Ohio State experience: I keep a Christianized version of Messianic Jewish holy days, which means there are a few dates that I have to be away from school. I expected to have a hard time getting professors to work with me on those dates, but that wasn't the case. All my professors have been really understanding and helpful about these things. This really made me feel like the people on campus cared about me and were inclusive.

Lydia Drake
Delaware, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Social Psychology was an amazing class that lead me to develop a deeper level of understanding when it comes to interacting with the world and the people who reside within it.

Study tip: Utilize your professor’s office hours. The professors want their students to succeed and are usually more than happy to help clarify any confusion or advise you in the right direction.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The academic advisors are one of the greatest resources on campus. At least once a week I am in the Advising Office and receiving helpful information or tips.

Advice for new students: Use a planner or organizer so that you can stay on top of all the upcoming deadlines and not have to do the midnight rush. There are so many great opportunities on campus to become involved and using a planner helps organize all of your information so that you do not miss out on the fun.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: I must say that I am highly impressed with the social environment on campus. Not only are the students, staff, and faculty of Ohio State Marion friendly and welcoming, but most everyone is passionately driven in their field.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Honestly my entire experience at Ohio State has been so incredible that it’s difficult to pick just one special aspect. It all started with Welcome Day, my first official day of college. I was nervous to start with, but by the end of the day I was filled with excitement and had gained so much confidence in myself and the choices I would make.

Jacob Kroh
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): My favorite class in my freshman year was Psych 3313, Introduction to behavioral neuroscience. This was my first university level exposure to neuroscience and it sparked an interest in the field I am still chasing today.

Study tip: My study tip is to take advantage of the resources available to you, whether that be professors office hours, the math lab, or getting a peer tutor if needed.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The library.

Advice for new students: My advice to new students is to always remember to take care of yourselves! making sure to eat well, exercise, and have habits in place to deal with stress is a must for thriving in college.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: The most surprising thing about OSUM is how approachable the professors are. They show a genuine interest in helping students succeed and are always willing to help a student who is willing to reach out.

Most influential Ohio State experience: I have had a wealth of positive experiences at OSUM, however the most influential has to be the opportunity to take part in undergraduate research.

Ruksana Kabealo
Computer Science and Engineering
Marysville, Ohio

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): ACCTMIS 2000 (Foundations of Accounting). Going in, I knew nothing about the class other than it filled one of my requirements. It was a little frightening at first, since I knew next to nothing about accounting, but I worked hard and ultimately ended up getting an A. It remains my favorite class to this day solely because I was able to prove to myself that I really can learn anything if I put my mind to it.

Study tip: Get creative with your notes! I’m serious. From using different colored pens for underlining key concepts to drawing boxes that separate examples from the rest of your notes. Make sure your notes are not just legible, but coded in a way that makes sense to you so that you can go back and find things easily later. It saves you so much time.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The Math Lab in Academic Enrichment. Never be afraid to ask questions. Math can be a beautiful thing if you understand it, but you’re almost guaranteed not to understand it if you don’t seek out any help.

Advice for new students: Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re going to get bad grades on quizzes or forget to turn in an assignment or be late to a class or two. That’s just life. Don’t let it worry you into a tailspin. Just move on and keep doing your best.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: How easy it was to get help. From professors being super accessible with their office hours and always willing to help their students to the services provided by Academic Enrichment, there’s endless support offered if you need it.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Presenting my final Engineering 1182 project with my teammates. We built a roller coaster over the course of the semester and at the end we had to demonstrate it to the class and professor. When it worked flawlessly, I was ecstatic. That was the moment I’ve been proudest to be a Buckeye and proudest to be an Engineer.

Hannah McQuistion
Middle Childhood Education
Marion, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): No question it would be EARTHSCI 1121. I absolutely love learning about rock formations, volcanoes, and mountains along with many science topics. My professor was also so passionate about science that it was contagious.

Study tip: Pace yourself on assignments. Make sure you know assignment deadlines and don't wait until the last day to finish!

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The media lab in Morrill Hall most definitely. I have done some of my best work on assignments in the media lab and have met other students that are just like me!

Advice for new students: "Courage is being scared to death, but still saddling up anyways." College is a new experience and you will be nervous, but having the courage to try new things is what will allow you to have the best experience possible.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: There is a fitness room located in the student center! I take advantage of the easy access and quality of this resource.

Most influential Ohio State experience: I once had a conversation with my professor during their office hours about just life. It really meant a lot to me and showed me that my professors care about me as a person.

Karly McMillin
Social Work
Marion, Ohio

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): My favorite class during my first year was Intro Psychology. I'm a Psych minor and i really enjoying learning why and how people behave the way they do and it was a great class to introduce the subject matter in a general sense.

Study tip: Don't wait until the last minute! I know you've probably heard that a million times but it's so important to not procrastinate studying. Break it up into smaller, more manageable chunks. Maybe you only study for 30 minutes one day. Your brain can only hold so much information all at once, so it is crucial that you study in increments.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: The academic enrichment center is an amazing resource for so many reasons. It has multiple computers in there for you to use whenever it is open, it always has free printing and copying, it has small cubicles for you to study without distraction, and it even has free tutoring and writing and math help. I have utilized this the most out of any other resource on campus. I probably go in there at least twice a day most weeks. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with classes or even those who just need a quiet space to study.

Advice for new students: The biggest piece of advice i have for new students is to not wait until the end of the semester to get help with classes they are struggling in. It is important to get help as soon as you notice you are not doing well so that something can be done ahead of time before it is too late. With free tutoring, the math lab, and the writing center all through Academic Enrichment plus the professor's office hours there is really no excuse to not get help when it is needed. Please do not wait!

Lexi Patterson
Carey, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Biology, because the class covered all aspects of life: where it originated, how it evolved, and how it takes place in the world.

Study tip: Take notes in class even if the professor provides notes. Sometimes your own notes seem to make better sense to yourself and help you to understand the material better.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: I love going to library to study and finish homework! It's a quiet and peaceful place to get your work done.

Advice for new students: Always keep an open mind, never give up on your dreams, take advantage of new opportunities, and be yourself!

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: How welcoming the staff and faculty are. They really help the students to succeed and make them feel at home.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Getting a bad grade on an exam really influenced me to spend more time on my studies, and strive to be the student I've always wanted to be.

Megan Straw
Social Work with a minor in Substance Misuse and Addiction
Marysville, OH

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Favorite class during your first year (and why): Women Gender and Sexuality Studies was my favorite class I took my first year at The Ohio State University Marion Campus. This course was out of my comfort zone and something I have always wanted to learn more about. This course helped me by educating me in aspects of topics that were not taught in High School.

Study tip: Chew the same flavored gum when studying and while taking the exam. It helps you remember the information that you studied so that you can feel confident leaving an exam.

Campus resource you’ve utilized the most: Student Center

Advice for new students: Take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally in order to not get burnt out and to keep moving through college in the most efficient way possible. If you are not taking care of yourself, you will not do as well in your classes.

Most surprising thing about Ohio State Marion: The opportunities I have had on the Marion Campus and the friendships I have made while spending time in the student center are something I will cherish years from now.

Most influential Ohio State experience: Participating at RUOK? Day here on the Marion Campus. Raising awareness to mental health and preventing suicide was such a rewarding opportunity.