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Academy–College Credit Plus

What is the Academy Program? The Ohio State Academy Program allows talented high school students to enroll in coursework while still in high school. The Academy is the Ohio State implementation of the state of Ohio's College Credit Plus program.

What are the benefits of enrollment in the Academy? The Academy allows high school students to earn college credit at no cost to the student. The student will earn an official college transcript and college credit that can be put toward a degree program. Other benefits include:

  • Exposure to college faculty members
  • Exposure to academic courses not available in most high schools
  • Opportunities for transfer credit (especially between public institutions in Ohio)

What are the risks of enrollment in the Academy? Students enrolled in the Academy will be taking “real” college classes, with the same expectations for academic performance as any other Ohio State student. Students will need to have time available in their schedule. Additionally:

  • College coursework is more rigorous than high school, with a much faster pace.
  • Faculty will expect students to read and do additional work outside of the classroom
  • Students may be asked to re-pay their school district for dropped or failed classes.
  • Participation in college classes may take time away from other activities
  • Transportation is not provided.

Who is eligible to participate in the Academy Program? Admission to the Ohio State Academy program will depend on the campus of enrollment. We may consider the following factors for admission:

  • High school curriculum and performance as shown by class rank and/or GPA
  • Standardized college admissions tests: ACT or SAT
  • Accelerated curriculum (Honors, AP, IB)
  • Non-academic factors such as leadership, extracurricular activities, or outstanding talent, status as a first general college student, ability and desire to contribute to a diverse campus, etc.

Admission to the Academy will be based on students meeting the college readiness standards as defined by the state of Ohio. ( These standards are based on ACT/SAT scores.

English Sub Score English – 18 or higher Evidence Based Reading & Writing -- 480Next Gen Writing - 263 or above OR 5 on Writeplacer
Reading Sub Score Reading – 22 or higher Evidence Based Reading & Writing – 480Next Gen Reading - 263 or above
Mathematics Sub Score Math – 22 or higher Math – 530QAS / AAF - 263 or above

Who should participate in the OSU Academy? Because students in the Ohio State Academy Program will be taking classes on campus and in classrooms with older students, it’s important for families to discuss if this is the right option. Students will have a college transcript and grade point average that will follow them after participation in the program. We recommend that students who participate are:

  • Motivated and mature, able to advocate for themselves and able to follow through on required work;
  • Strong academic students, ready to take on the challenge of more difficult work and faster pace;
  • Interested in topics beyond the subjects easily available in high school;
  • Willing to devote extra time for the program, and possibly give up current extra-curricular activities.

Application Process

To be considered for admission to the Academy program, students must submit the following materials by the deadline (see "Application Deadlines" below):

  • Online Application, (create an account, or log in if you've already created one, then select the "Undergraduate" box, then select "Special" status. The Academy application is at the bottom of the list.)
  • Submit High School Information Form, signed by high school counselor or principal
  • Request for your high school counselor to send your official high school transcript
  • Submit standardized test scores directly from testing organization (ACT, SAT)
  • Note: International students who are currently enrolled in Ohio high schools are eligible to participate in the Ohio State Academy.

Application deadlines

Autumn semester (begins in August): apply by May 1

Spring semester (begins in January): apply by November 1

Summer term: apply by February 15

Applying to Ohio State after high school graduation: Admission to the Academy Program does not imply or guarantee admission to the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University as a degree-seeking student.

What classes can an Academy Student take? Academy students will be eligible to register for college courses for which they demonstrate readiness through placement tests, successful completion of prerequisite courses or other requirements as determined by Ohio State's academic departments. To learn more about courses that are available at Ohio State Marion explore our class schedule.

College Credit Plus Pathway Examples

Academy students are not guaranteed enrollment in Ohio State courses. Admission into the Academy program does not guarantee enrollment into a specific class at Ohio State. Students may not be able to enroll in courses for a variety of reasons. Students will meet with an Academic Advisor prior to scheduling courses. The advisor will have final say in the number and type of classes a student may take in a given semester.

For more information, contact:

Ohio State Marion: Holly Jacobson, Coordinator of Admission and Financial Aid Counselor, (740) 725-6239 or

Ohio State Marion: Louis Hominga, Academic Advisor and Admission Counselor, (740) 725-6232 or

Ohio State Academy website