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Safe and Healthy Return to Campus

As we gradually return to the Marion campus this spring semester, every Buckeye plays an important role in our campus culture of caring. When Buckeyes are safe and healthy, we can stay focused on our endeavors — and on improving lives. Learn what Ohio State is doing and how you can help keep yourself, your family and friends, safe and healthy — whether you’re returning to a campus or continuing to work and study from home. For Marion campus specific return to campus safety information and guidelines visit: for specific university-wide safety information and guidelines visit:

Guidelines and Requirements
The guidelines and requirements on this website have been created for our university community on all Ohio State campuses by the COVID-19 Transition Task Force based on the recommendations of the Safe Campus and Scientific Advisory subgroup. The guidelines are based on the latest data and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and other authorities. Every individual has a role in keeping the community safe, and the university expects faculty, staff and students to model healthy behaviors.

A pledge will be required for members of the campus community, including students, faculty, staff, administrators and visitors, to affirm their understanding of what is needed to help fight the spread of the virus and their intention to do their part. Accountability measures will be in place for those who refuse to abide by required health and safety guidelines.

Free opt-in coronavirus surveillance testing for students, faculty, and staff

Free opt-in coronavirus testing continues on the Marion campus for all Ohio State Marion students, faculty, and staff, Wednesdays through spring semester in the Alber Student Center. This is surveillance testing meant for asymptomatic participants. If you are symptomatic, you should test with your doctor or local healthcare facility, not with on campus testing.


Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet from others in any public space — indoor or outdoor.
  • Classroom, office and common spaces on campus will allocate approximately 30 sq. ft. of usable space per person.
  • The number or density of people permitted in buildings and residence halls on Ohio State’s campuses will be reduced to maintain appropriate physical distancing. Those who are able are advised to use stairs instead of elevators to support physical distancing.
  • Classes that bring together 100 or more people, including students, faculty and instructional assistants, will be conducted virtually or in a blended model that includes virtual instruction with in-person labs, studio sessions, recitation sections and other arrangements for smaller groups. (Find more on classroom protocols and layouts.)
  • Employees will continue to telework whenever possible, and organizers will be expected to conduct most meetings virtually.
  • Employees also will be advised to use alternative staffing model options, such as remote work, alternating days/weeks or staggered arrivals and departures, to physical distancing.

Personal Protection & Hygiene

Spring Semester Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution - The Marion campus will provide all new students with a two Ohio State cloth face masks, a medical face mask, hand sanitizer, a thermometer and disinfectant wipes included in an Ohio State bag. Returning students may request any additional PPE items they need to begin the semester. To receive your Ohio State PPE bag, make an appointment with Karen Leuthold Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting now through January 29th. After January 29th, PPE items will available to pick-up at the Alber Student Center. Email at: or call 740-725-6273.

  • Face masks must be worn on all Ohio State campuses.
  • The university’s face-mask requirements have been strengthened to help protect all members of our community. Masks are required to be worn in all indoor settings on our campuses. Masks must also now be worn outdoors in settings on campus, even when individuals can maintain appropriate physical distancing. Exceptions are made for those dining, participating in strenuous exercise or taking part in performance-based classes as long as physical distancing can be maintained.
  • At least twice a day, the university is cleaning bathrooms and disinfecting high touch-point areas (link is external), including door handles, faucets, handrails and other commonly touched surfaces in high-traffic areas

Daily Health Checks

  • A daily health check to report body temperature and health status will be required for all faculty, staff and students each day they intend to be on Ohio State’s campuses or working in the community or with clients on behalf of the university in the autumn. This daily check will be reported through the Ohio State mobile app or

Training and Pledge

We are all in this Together As Buckeyes, and we all must play our part in fighting COVID-19. Taking online training and the Together As Buckeyes Pledge as a community represents our shared commitment that we are united in our efforts to stay safe and healthy. All students, faculty and staff are required to complete the training and the pledge.

The 10-minute training was assigned to BuckeyeLearn transcripts(link is external) in the fall and has been assigned to incoming students who are starting spring semester. The pledge is signed electronically upon completion of the course.

The training course covers expectations for daily health checks, personal protection such as face masks, hygiene, physical distancing, staying informed and more. The pledge acknowledges an understanding of and commitment to the behaviors described in the training. It is an acknowledgement that participating in on-campus activities entails risk.


Adjustments to the pledge
On Friday, Aug. 7, 2020, the university adjusted the pledge to clarify that while the pledge states that Ohio State’s values are fundamental guiding principles of the institution, there is no requirement for individual affirmation of those values in the pledge. No changes have been made to the health and safety expectations outlined in the pledge. By signing the pledge, an individual is agreeing to comply with these health and safety expectations. This change does not require those who have already completed the training and signed the pledge to take any further action. The pledge was updated in the BuckeyeLearn (link is external) transcripts of those who had not yet completed it by Monday, Aug. 10.

Accountability measures
Accountability measures are in place for those who do not complete the training and sign the pledge, or choose not to abide by required health and safety guidelines. These accountability measures may range from additional training and informal coaching to formal disciplinary action based on existing structures for students, faculty and staff.

Frequently asked questions
For student FAQs related to the mandatory online training and Together As Buckeyes Pledge, please visit the Current Students page. For employee FAQs, please visit the Faculty and Staff page.

Counseling & Wellness Services on the Marion campus

Scheduling an Appointment

Counseling services are available for free to Ohio State Marion students enrolled on a part-time or full-time basis. To schedule a free, confidential appointment, contact:

Leslie Beary, MSW, LISW-S
Manager of Mental Health & Wellness Services


Ellen Thomas, MS, LSW
Mental Health & Wellness Counselor

For a list of additional resources at Ohio State Marion visit:

Marion campus specific information and guidelines

• Restrooms – Please practice proper hygiene and maintain physical distancing.
• Water fountains – Out of an abundance of caution, drinking fountains in all Ohio State Marion buildings will be closed. We suggest students bring a water bottle to campus, or purchase sealed water or drinks.
• Common areas – Physical distancing should be maintained in all common areas. Limiting large congregations of people on campus is our goal.
• Eating on campus – Designated spaces on campus have been set aside that allow physical distancing to safely eat. Food should not be consumed in the classroom. Areas have been pre-designated for students to eat, study, and relax: Morrill Hall Auditorium, Morrill Hall Lobby, Morrill Hall 3rd floor, the campus library, Market C Café, the Guthery Community Room(2nd floor Maynard Hall), and both 1st and 2nd floor open central lobby areas in the Science and Engineering Building. WiFi is available in all the above listed areas for students to connect. When eating in approved spaces, students may remove masks, but are asked to put them back on after eating.
• Visitors to campus – Those visiting campus are asked to abide by the same guidelines students, faculty, and staff pledge to abide by for the safety of the entire campus.
• Off campus housing – Ohio State Marion is not directly affiliated with any off campus housing option. Rules and regulations for off-campus housing in relation to COVID19 are at the sole discretion of the independent apartment complex or facility.
• Hygiene on campus - Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.
• Classrooms - All classrooms will be locked when not in use.
• To reduce congestion, students, faculty, and staff are asked to enter Maynard Hall through the east side campus doors and exit through the west side main entrance.
• Furniture and seating areas on campus have been regrouped to promote physical distancing.
• To maintain safe distancing, students, faculty, and staff are requested to observe one person at a time in campus elevators. If you are able, please take the stairwell and stay to your right both ascending and descending the stairs.
• The “Welcome Back” PPE bags will be available for students who could not pick them up on Saturday, August 22nd. They will also be available for staff and faculty on campus.
• Students should regularly check the Ohio State Marion website and monitor signs around campus for specific information about offices and any changes to procedures or guidelines.

Accessing Student Services

Ohio State employees will continue to tele-work whenever possible, and meeting organizers will be expected to conduct most meetings virtually. Employees also will be advised to use alternative staffing model options, such as remote work, alternating days/weeks or staggered arrivals and departures, to promote physical distancing.

If you need assistance, please use the information below to help identify which office to connect with based on your questions. If you have a question and you’re not sure who to ask, stop in Maynard Hall, room 100 and the staff member on duty can help direct you to the appropriate office. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Academic Advising

-Schedule or cancel appointments with advisors
-Course enrollment questions/ permissions/waitlist issues
-Degree/major requirements/graduation/AA degree
-Hold on record
-Curriculum/retroactive/reinstatement petitions
-Exploration 1100.00 questions
-College Credit Plus Advising
-Program 60
-Campus Change to Columbus
-Former students interested in returning

Call: 740-725-6334 or email:

All advisors are teleworking from home through virtual appointments. Please visit our website for individual advisor contact information and commonly asked questions.

Counseling & Wellness Services

-Schedule a virtual appointment
-Learn more about groups/workshops
-Inquire about the Campus Food Pantry/Produce Market/Friendly Fridge
-Request a resource or referral

Call (740) 725-6349 or email Leslie Beary ( or Ellen Thomas (

-Enrollment verification
-Dates & Deadlines
-Fee tables


Enrollment Services
Prospective student inquiries call 740-725-6242 or email For questions about applying please contact the Enrollment Services team.


Career Services

-Exploring majors
-Career Planning
-Help with how to apply to a job (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, virtual and in person)
-Graduate School application assistance
-Assistance with Handshake

Call 740-725-6061 or email:, or call 740-725-6334 for virtual appointments available all semester.
Please visit our webpage for more details.

Financial Aid

-Marion specific Scholarships or other forms of aid
-General financial aid questions
-Military financial benefits

Email:, or email: or call 614-292-0300 For questions about your financial aid or scholarships contact Kelly Crum or the university BuckeyeLink office. Website:

Retention and Student Success

-Probation/Success Plan appointments
-CSI & MYSA Survey questions
-Questions related to registration or challenges accessing a Success Session.

Call 740-725-6126 or email:, or email We look forward to working with you! We will communicate via email with students who need to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll utilize zoom to connect with students throughout the semester.

Student Health Insurance

-Waiving Student Health Insurance
Visit the website for directions on how to complete the waiver for student health insurance or for plan options and other questions. Website:

Disability Services

-Accommodations for a documented disability
-Submitting and IEP or 504 Plan
-Scheduling to take a quiz or test in Disability Services
-COVID19-related requests or concerns for exceptions (non-emergency)


We support students with disabilities by providing confidential support services, auxiliary aids, and accommodations. Send an email to get started!

Student Life/Diversity and Inclusion

-Consultation and Assessment Team
-Student Conduct
-Title IX Concerns
-Student Advocacy

Call 740-725-6219 or email:

Our campus is dedicated toward a welcoming climate and safety for all. Contact me via email for any concerns or questions.

Student Life Clubs & Activities

-Student Clubs and Organizations
-University Student Government
-Student Activities
-Off Campus Housing

Call 740-725-6273 or email:
We offer virtual events and Clubs and Organizations.

Marion Campus Recreation

-Buck ID
-Campus Recreation & Intramurals

Call 740-725-6015 or email:

For questions about your Buck ID or Recreational Activities, please email me


-Marion military services (non-financial)
-Diversity programming & activities -
Call 740-725-6258 or email:

For questions about veteran related events or diversity activities, please contact Kathleen Clemons-Keller via email.

HR Services

-Questions regarding pay – or call 614-247-6947
-Student employment – contact Bouavone at 740-725-6063 or Maryjo at 740-725-6397
-Workday questions regarding HR & payroll – contact Bouavone at 740-725-6063 or Maryjo at 740-725-6397

Additional information on testing, tracing and quarantine; classrooms, campus readiness; workplace; campus readiness; living on campus (applies to campuses with on campus housing); dining on campus; transportation; travel; mental health and wellness, training and pledge; events; and recreation at: