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Interesting Classes You Never Knew About

SPRING SEMESTER 2018 - Wondering what classes to take next semester? Check out a few unique Ohio State course offerings. Titillate your thirst for knowledge. Look for this feature throughout the academic year. CLICK THE (+) PLUS SIGN TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH COURSE.

FEATURED COURSE! Psych 2301: Psychology of Extraordinary Beliefs

Open to all majors, spring semester 2018
Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00 – 4:20 p.m.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Christopher Daddis

Through the Internet, TV, tabloids, and pop-psychology books, we are barraged with pseudoscientific and paranormal claims of extraordinary abilities (e.g., telepathy, telekinesis, fortune telling, etc.), paranormal activity (e.g., existence of ghosts, cryptozoology, alien abduction, near death experiences, etc.), and nonscientific claims (e.g., facilitated communication, homeopathy, anti-vaccination movement, creation sciences, etc.).

Psychology has much to say about why so many of us believe in such phenomena. Themore we learn about human the brain, the more we realize that our reasoning is fallible. For example, we see patterns where none exist, we seek to confirm beliefs we already hold, and we value vivid experiences over statistical information.The goal of Psych 2301 is to gain an understanding of normal errors in thinking and logicand to learn how to critically analyze claims through scientific reasoning and logical treatment of evidence.

EEOB 3510: Cell and Developmental Biology

Mon., Weds., & Thurs., 5:00-5:55 p.m., spring semester 2018
Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics

Description: This course is an analysis of cell cycle and cell division; membranes, organelles and intracellular compartments; cell death and differentiation; cancer; energy use and production; and cell-cell contact and environment. This course fulfills requirements for some biology majors.

Comparative Studies 3608: Representations of the Experiences of War

Tues. & Thurs. 1:30-2:50 p.m., spring semester 2018
Lecturer, Sue Oakes

Description: Representations of war in works of literature, religious texts, and film from diverse cultures and time periods. GE Literature and Diversity: Global Studies.