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Willow, Anna
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Morrill Hall, Room 111

As an environmental anthropologist, Dr. Willow studies cultural responses to anthropocentric environmental change and the diversity of human-environment relationships.


Kaplan, Scot
Associate Professor of Art
Morrill Hall, Room 270


Calede, Jonathan
Assistant Professor of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Science & Engineering Building, Room 110C


Gershman, Susan
Assistant Professor of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Science & Engineering Building, Room 100E

Areas of Interest: behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology

My research focuses on the evolution of animal behavior. I am most interested in sexual selection, differences in reproduction caused by heritable differences in the ability to reproduce. I use insects, including crickets and flies, as my study subjects.

Petreaca, Ruben C.
Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics
Science & Engineering Building, Room 110A

Dr. Petreaca's research aims to understand how DNA damage is repaired in eukaryotic cells. Loss of efficient DNA damage repair causes accumulation of mutations which is a hallmark of cancer cells. He uses yeast for these studies which is a great eukaryotic model system.

Sivakoff, Frances
Assistant Professor of Biology
Morrill Hall, Room 110G


Rask, Katherine Ann
Assistant Professor of Classics
Morill Hall, Room 114


Bouley, Renee Ann
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Science & Engineering Building, Room 110G

Yoder, Ryan
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Morrill Hall, Room 384C

Dr. Yoder's current research involves the use of molecular modeling experiments to solve critical issues that threaten the health of populations around the globe. Specifically, combatting the effects of toxic organophosphorus nerve agents, such as the sarin gas used in the 2013 attack in Syria, and the detection of harmful anions in aqueous solutions where abnormally high levels exist naturally in areas of the developing world.


Appova, Aina
Associate Professor of Education
Morrill Hall, Room 237A

Dr. Appova's dissertation and research program is focused on the learning, professional development and continuum of PK-12 pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. She also is the co-principle investigator of the recently co-piloted cross-site study that examines the work, knowledge and practices of mathematics teacher educators. Appova received her Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her master’s degree in mathematics from Central Michigan University.

Hagge, Julia
Assistant Professor of Reading Education
Morrill Hall, Room 237D

Dr. Hagge’s research focuses on inclusive literacy practices for diverse learners. She is interested in the ways potentially marginalized students are afforded increased access to meaning-making via new media literacies. She has published in PDS Partners and has an article under review at Gifted Child Today. Currently, she is researching how early adolescent students use programming to design digital media and how literacy practices are supported in an online programming community.

Parsons, Linda
Associate Professor of Education
Morrill Hall, Room 237B

Research Interests: Middle Childhood Literacy; Children's/Young Adult Literature; Reader Response Her research interests include the content analysis of children's and young adult literature, both single titles and sets of books, to better understand the messages conveyed to young readers. She has also explored and documented children's engagement with and response to literature. The unique challenges involved in reading and responding to multimodal texts are also an area of interest. Her research and teaching pedagogy are situated primarily within the traditions of reader response, feminist, poststructural, and social-constructivist theories.


Mirzaei, Golrokh
Clinical Assistant of Computer Science Engineering
Morrill Hall, Room 362

Teaching Courses: Software Component I (CSE 2221); Software Component II (CSE 2231); C++ Programming for Engineers (CSE 1222); Databases and spreadsheets (CSE 1222); Fundamentals of Engineering (ENGR 1181)
Research Interests: Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Image/Signal processing, Biomedical Imaging/Neuroscience

Tahmina, Qudsia
Assistant Professor of Practice in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Morrill Hall, Room 367


Braun, Catherine
Associate Professor of English
Morrill Hall, Room 118

Catherine C. Braun (Katie) is an Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University at Marion, where she teaches first-year writing, professional writing, digital media, literacy studies, and film courses. Her research interests fall at the intersection of Rhetoric/Composition & Literacy Studies and Digital Media Studies. She has published a book, Cultivating Ecologies for Digital Media Work: The Case of English Studies, with Southern Illinois University Press, as well as articles and digital scholarship in a variety of venues, including Computers and Composition Online and Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.

Crosby, Sara
Assistant Professor of English
Morrill Hall, Room 120

Areas of Study: American literature to 1900, environmental literature, animal studies, popular culture and gender

Lishan, Stuart
Associate Professor of English
Morrill Hall, Room 122

Dr. Stuart Lishan primarily teaches courses in creative writing and poetry (with an occasional British Lit. survey, honors first year writing, English 3398, or Jewish American Lit. course thrown in, as well). He writes and publishes poetry, essays about poetry, and fiction.

McCorkle, Ben
Associate Professor of English
Morrill Hall, Room 117

Ben McCorkle teaches courses in composition, rhetoric, literary publishing, and digital media studies primarily on The Ohio State University’s Marion campus. He is the author of the book Rhetorical Delivery as Technological Discourse: A Cross-Historical Study, as well as several articles in publications including Computers and Composition Online, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and Composition Studies. He also serves as the co-director of the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN).

Wallace, Nathan
Assistant Professor of English
Morrill Hall, Room 121


Rose, Gregory
Associate Professor of Geography
Maynard Hall, Room 240A

Dr. Rose's research focuses on the origins of various 19th century populations in the Midwest. He is currently working on a book manuscript on the sources of immigrants to Michigan by 1850 and is researching the origins and distribution of African Americans in the old Northwest in 1850.


Genova, James
Professor of History
Morrill Hall, Room 112

Professor Genova publishes on African cinema, development, globalization, and identity construction. Dr. Genova currently teaches courses on African, World, French, and Islamic History in addition to classes on globalization, genocide, war and revolution, and African cinema.

Hsieh, Meiyu
Assistant Professor of History
Morrill Hall, Room 113

Meiyu Hsieh offers courses on pre-modern Chinese and East Asian history, world history, and the Silk Roads at Marion campus. Her research specializations are early China, steppe empires, and comparative ancient history with an emphasis on empire building and interconnections between China, steppe polities, and oasis-states in Central Asia. More broadly, she is interested in theories of state formation, pre-modern communication networks, and historical archaeology.

Sumner, Margaret
Associate Professor of History
Morrill Hall, Room 110

Professor Sumner earned her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2006. She is a specialist in early American and women's history with interests in nineteenth century cultural and intellectual topics.

History of Art

McNiven, Timothy
Associate Professor of Art History/Classics
Morrill Hall, Room 297

Professor McNiven's primary areas of expertise are in the fields of Greek and Roman Art, with special emphases on the history of ceramics and gender issues in Greek art. His primary research interest focuses on the images of ancient Greek pottery and the use and meaning of gestures.


Friesen, Chris
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 114

Associate Professor of Mathematics Chris Friesen earned his Ph.D. from Brown University in 1989. His areas of expertise include Algebraic & Computational Number Theory: Continued Fractions; and Class Groups in Quadratic Function Fields

Chrisman, Micah
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 350F

Huang, Russ
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 148

Areas of Expertise: Differential Equations; Optimal Control; Education - PhD: Ohio University (1989)

Lang, Jan
Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 144

The main field of my research is in analysis and focused on the following areas: approximation theory and s-numbers; and Eigenvalues for non-linear systems and Special trigonometric Functions.

Maharry, John
Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 116

Area of Research: Structural graph theory, including graph decompositions, tree-structures, surface embeddings and minor-and topological-inclusions of graphs.

Pandey, Bishun
Professor of Mathematics
Maynard Hall, Room 240B

Xu, Murong
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 350D

Stan, Aurel
Professor of Mathematics
Morrill Hall, Room 119


Orban, Chris
Assistant Professor of Physics
Morrill Hall, Room 372

Dr. Orban obtained his PhD in physics at Ohio State University in early 2011, studying computational astrophysics and N-body simulations under David Weinberg (Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, OSU Astronomy Department) and supported by OSU's Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics.


Daddis, Chris
Associate Professor of Psychology
Morrill Hall, Room 170N

Areas of Study: adolescent development, moral development, childhood psychology, educational psychology


Patson, Nicole
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Morrill Hall, Room 170D

Dr. Patson's research focuses on adult language comprehension and the conceptual representation of plurals.

Sawicki, Vanessa
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Morrill Hall, Room 170G

Dr. Sawicki examines when and why attitudes associated with motivational properties such as uncertainty and ambivalence might be especially likely at predicting attitude-consistent behavior.

Tylka, Tracy
Professor of Psychology
Morrill Hall, Room 170L

Within the field of counseling psychology, Dr. Tylka holds particular interest in body image and eating behavior. She conceptualizes both body image and eating behavior along a spectrum from positive (adaptive) to negative (maladaptive) and studies women and men along this spectrum. She examines multidimensional social influence models of body image and eating behavior among women and men. She is particularly interested in intuitive eating, an adaptive style of eating characterized by attending to physiological hunger/satiety cues rather than emotional and/or situational cues.


Bobbitt-Zeher, Donna
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Morrill Hall, Room 211A

My research agenda primarily concerns gender and inequality, how gender inequality changes over time, and the consequences of these changes. I use both quantitative and qualitative methods in my work, and draw on a race/class/gender perspective as well.

Klochko, Marianna
Associate Professor of Sociology
Morrill Hall, Room 211B

Marianna Klochko (Ph.D. Cornell, 2004; BA/MA Kharkiv National University, Ukraine, 1996) is an associate professor of sociology at The Ohio State University (Marion Campus). Her research interests include Economic Sociology, Rational Choice, Social Networks, Criminology, Game Theory and Collective Action. She is currently working on a project examining pathways to prison among female inmates in Ukraine.


Camacho-Platero, Luzmila
Associate Professor of Spanish
Morrill Hall, Room 373

Luzmila Camacho-Platero has taught as Associate Professor in small liberal arts colleges (Utica College and Saint Mary’s College) and has broad experience teaching a variety of courses ranging from language at all levels to literature and culture from Golden Age to 20th century. Her main research explores Golden Age Theater and more specifically the topic of la mujer varonil. Her other research and teaching interests include contemporary Spanish film and minority cultures. Currently, she is working on an anthology of Medieval and Golden Age Spanish women writers.


Ozturk, Omer
Professor of Statistics
Morrill Hall, Room 146