The Ohio State University at Marion

Ohio State Marion alumni share their thoughts

In May 2015, Ohio State Marion reached out to over 7,000 alumni—individuals who were on the Marion campus for at least a portion of their Ohio State education. The campus has received hundreds of responses to date that include poignant stories about their time here, faculty who inspired them, and the impact of their experiences at Ohio State Marion on their lives. Below are a sample quotes and memories from some of our alumni.



Jennifer Miller
Bachelor of Arts in English, 2012
"College is where I really found out that I love English and writing and I loved all of my English classes at Ohio State Marion! It made me a more confident person and developed me into the person I am today! I loved the smaller class sizes and the one-on-one connection with the professors!"

Jason Nickler
Bachelor of Arts in History, 2004 / Master's Degree in Education & Human Ecology, 2008
"My best memory was taking part in a trip to Italy with Professor Timothy McNiven as part of an art history and archaeology class that he taught in 2003."

Adrienne Austi

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2010
"I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Iowa State University. I cherish the time I spent at Ohio State Marion. It was a wonderful experience! I loved the small class sizes and the professors are fantastic."

Angela Gehres
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2006
"My favorite memories from Ohio State Marion include Dr. Tracy Tylka's Psychology courses, and Dr. Tim Sarsany's choir class. I also very much enjoyed the OSUM Theatre Troupe directed by Dr. Kaizaad Kotwal. We had so much fun!"

Steven Litzenberg
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2012
"I will always be thankful for being elected two times in a row to the Board of Trustees. I was able to meet and work with a number of wonderful individuals. I also enjoyed my time working for the Office of Disabilities. The experience I received working with numerous Ohio State students and a great staff lead me to the career I'm passionate about today."

Joseph Nigh
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2001 / Juris Doctor in Law, 2014
"The education I received at Ohio State Marion helped prepare me for law school and beyond. The professors I had were second to none. The class size allowed me to know each professor personally. I was able to obtain a large school education with a small school admosphere. I met many of my best friends at OSUM and still am friends with them today. I was just a groomsman in a wedding of a fellow Ohio State Marion student I met on my first day of college in my first class, Psych 101 with Dr. Pettijohn. Three of our friends from Ohio State Marion were there. I left Ohio State Marion gaining a great education, with great friends, and great memories. I was also fortunate to attend the Marion campus with my brother and cousin."

Lynette Fisher
Bachelor of Science in Social Work, 2010 / Master's Degree in Social Work, 2011
Ohio State Marion "gave me the confidence and tools to succeed and graduate with honors." Fisher mentioned that she went on to get her master's degree from Ohio State and, "cherished her time at Ohio State Marion."


Allison Cooper
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 2012
"I enjoyed the small class sizes and tailored learning at Ohio State Marion and went on to obtain a master's degree in agriculture and extension education."

Jocelyn Fiscus
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 2013
"I loved going to Ohio State Marion (even though I lived an hour away)! I loved the campus and smaller classes."

Misty Geyer
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, 2008
"Ohio State Marion will always be a special place to me for several reasons. I was a first generation graduate and If it wasn't for this campus, I don't know if I would have been able to accomplish that. So many of my favorite professors are from Marion - Mike Lohre, Stuart Lishan, Sue Oakes, Adam Matthews, Zuheir Alidib, and James Genova to name a few. Not only did they challenge me to become a better student, but also as an individual. And they provided me the tools needed to succeed on main campus. My favorite memory from Marion was my time studying abroad in France, Italy, Monaco, and Switzerland. Being 19 and experienceing my first trip out of the country was so memorable and life changing. I was able to see the world in a different perspective which developed my love for travel today. Thank you Ohio State Marion for providing me with an outstanding education. I am forever grateful to be a Buckeye. O-H!"

Meredith Mates
Bachelor of Arts in Speech & Hearing Science, 2007
"I loved my first year at Ohio State Marion. It was a great experience with knowledgeable professors, small class sizes, and wonderful friends to share my first college experience."

Amy Driscoll
Bachelor of Arts in Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2008 / Master's Degree in Education & Human Ecology
"If it weren't for Dr. Chris Daddis, I would've never finished college. He's an amazing prof!"