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Alumni Spotlight: Austin King

Austin King
2013 Ohio State graduate
Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in professional writing

"I am who I am today because of Ohio State Marion."

When it came to my college experience, I can honestly say that Ohio State Marion shaped my life, my future, and my passion for helping others.

One person specifically changed my entire college career and my decision to major in English. Dr. Cassandra Parente ignited a passion in me that I didn't know existed. She gave me guidance and the power to pursue something that I didn't know I would have enjoyed. I can honestly say she has made my college experience.

Ohio State Marion opened a plethora of opportunities for me, such as being crowned the first ever Homecoming King for the Marion campus and also being the lead in the first ever, student led musical production "Little Shop of Horrors" which was part of Five Nights on Campus.

I also had the educational guidance and acceptance from what I truly claim to be the best English department I will ever know. Dr. McCorkle, Dr. Crosby, Dr. Wallace, Dr. Lishan, Dr. Braun, and Lynda Behan shaped my mind and truly pushed me to explore my educational boundaries. I studied, wrote, and researched things I never thought were possible. They changed my outlook on the way I look at education, people, and just the sweet words of Gertrude Stein (thanks Stuart).

As I look back on my four years at Ohio State Marion, I can honestly say that I would do it over again, just to be that much more amazing. I am who I am today because of Ohio State Marion. The campus has set me up for success and I have an amazing career helping students pursue the same options that I was given. But for Ohio State, no...Because of Ohio State. OH!

King attended all 4 years of his undergraduate degree program on the Marion campus and now serves as an advisor for the Ohio's GEAR UP program in Marion City Schools, helping students bridge the gap between high school and college.

Austin King - OSUM 4 Year Photo Journey

As part of Ohio State Marion's Alumni Spotlight section, 2013 graduate Austin King shares how Ohio State Marion molded him into the person his is today. An English major on the Marion campus, King now serves as an Advisor for the state's GEAR UP program in Marion City Schools. This album highlights King's many experiences at OSUM, including time with the a cappella group InChant, Ohio State's first contemporary a cappella group, as Ohio State Marion's first Homecoming King, graduation, meeting Ohio State dignitaries, student life experiences, travel, and much more!