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"As a senior starting my last year here on campus, I hav learned a lot about Ohio State Marion and a lot about the faculty and students who decide to come here. Ohio State has given me the tools that I’m going to need in my future.

The faculty, who I have created mentorships with, have opened up opportunities for me to gain real life experience. They are so eager to prepare me for my future. My time at Ohio State Marion has shaped the person who I am today through these experiences and through relationships I’ve built. The students are very unified and focused on their studies. I’m so proud to be one student among all of these great students who are here on this campus. Ohio State showed me who I can be and helped me create a path to become that person."

Kori Montgomery, senior psychology major
Class of 2016


"Choosing to begin my undergraduate adventure at The Ohio State University at Marion was the start of many good choices to come. Not only did I walk away with an outstanding
education that I am able to put to use every day in my work as a clinical research assistant and study coordinator, but I was able to take advantage of the many opportunities and benefits that distinguish OSU Marion from other institutions. More manageable class sizes and direct availability to faculty meant that I was able to achieve better academic outcomes; it also fostered
opportunities to get the most out of undergrad – from getting involved on campus to taking advantage of faculty expertise for a more quality mentoring experience. I consider this piece to be a principal component in my academic and professional development, encouraging and supporting my engagement in research. To that effect, one defining characteristic I have found true for The
Ohio State University at Marion would be this: If you want to walk away from your undergraduate experience with something more than a degree, and you are willing to put in the time and effort, your professors are willing to put in the time and effort to help make that happen."

Emily Meadows, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Class of 2013
Research Assistant at Nationwide Children's Hospital

"I am currently pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology at Iowa State University. I cherish the time I spent at OSU Marion. It was a wonderful experience! I loved the small class sizes and the
professors are fantastic."

Adrienne Austin, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Class of 2010

"My favorite memories from OSUM include Dr. Tracy Tylka's Psychology courses...."

Angela Gehres, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Class of 2006

The education I received at OSUM helped prepare me for law school and beyond. The professors I had were second to none. The class size allowed me to know each professor personally. I was able to obtain a large school education with a small school admosphere. I met many of my best friends at OSUM and still am friends with them today. I was just a groomsman in a wedding of a fellow OSUM student I met on my first day of college in my first class, Psych 101 with Dr. Pettijohn. Three of our friends from OSUM were there. I left OSUM gaining a great education, with great friends, and great memories. I was also fortunate to attend OSUM with my brother and cousin.

Joseph Nigh, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Class of 2001

"I have many great memories of my time at Ohio State from playing on the women's volleyball team that won the regional campus state tournament, to being a member of the Psychology Club and all the activities that we participated in. I enjoyed being in Dr. Daddis's independent study group and helping with his research. There are so many activities and groups to be a part of at the Ohio State Marion campus. I would encourage students to get involved. I'm most proud that my daughter has decided to attend Ohio State Marion in the fall."

Pamela (Schilling) Web, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Class of 2006