The Ohio State University at Marion

About the Psychology Degree

"Psychology offers a rich combination of knowledge and skills that serve as a strong base for success in any job setting."

A baccalaureate degree in psychology provides an excellent foundation for many career fields and graduate school programs. Students majoring in Psychology obtain an understanding of human behavior and the forces that drive that behavior in multiple environments. Graduates of this program demonstrate enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills. This rich combination of knowledge and skills serve as a strong base for success in any job setting.

The breadth of this degree allows students to plan careers in fields such as Business, Medicine, Law, Social Work, Human Resources, Research, and Higher Education. Some of these fields require further graduate education at the masters or doctorate level. Students may choose to enter the job market with only their bachelor’s degree.

Internships in Psychology

Qualified advanced psychology students are able to participate in internships with selected agencies in the area. This experience provides psychology majors an opportunity to intern in a professional setting to integrate academic knowledge with experience in the world of work.

Recently students have completed internships with agencies including Turning Point Domestic Violence Program, Heart of Ohio Homeless Shelter, Marion Contact Care Line, Harding Pointe Rehabilitation Center, and Hospice.