The Ohio State University at Marion

Pride & Life Skills Mentoring

The Pride And Life Skills mentoring program (PALS) is a cooperative venture between The Ohio State University at Marion, the Boys & Girls Club of Marion County, and Marion Public Schools to develop a mentoring program that is a win-win situation for both elementary, middle school students, and college students. PALS, connects college students from the Marion campus with grade school children in the Marion area to provide one-on-one mentoring opportunities for kids. The Boys & Girls Club matches program volunteers with school age children and provides each a useful handbook to direct them through the mentoring process. Students earn 1-credit per quarter of independent study by attending mentoring sessions regularly, coming to occasional meetings, and writing a two-page report about their mentoring activities at the end of each semester.


“The PALS program allows me to gain experience of working with children that can lead to a career when I'm finished with college, which is great; but it also creates memories that last for a lifetime. Our lives are built on memories, and I'm glad that John has become part of my world."―Scott Shirk

"PALS is a great way to help the local community and earn credit toward your degree. The homework you help them with is not hard for a college student, and the games are a lot of fun."―Ben Ditmars

"I love the opportunity to get to work with students in the community that you can relate with. Getting to help them become better and happier students is the greatest reward!"―Jessica Swope


For further information:

Ben McCorkle Faculty coordinator

Nikole Patson Faculty coordinator

Erin Slater Program Director