The Ohio State University at Marion


Coursework Requirements

Students enrolled at Ohio State, beginning Fall 2012 or later, will complete the history major with a minimum of 33 credit hours in the major (11 courses). These 33 hours must be distributed over the following four areas: Skills acquisition (9 credit hours); breadth (12 credit hours); concentration (12 credit hours); and progression (included within the above credit hours). At Ohio State Marion, students can choose from all concentrations, however, our faculty specialize in the areas of culture and conflict. In addition to coursework listed above, all students must complete History 2800 (Introduction to the Discipline of History), one 4000-level readings seminar, and one 4000-level research seminar. For a complete listing of course requirements in each area of concentration, please visit: and download the History Major Handbook in PDF form to read details of the major requirements.

Students should consult with their academic advisor when planning their schedules. The history major advisor is Shellie Shirk, To schedule an appointment, call 740/725-6334.

Additional Requirements for Honors Students

History majors who are members of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program, will complete the history major program as outlined above; however, they should enroll in the honors sections of the required history 2800 and history 4000 classes. For information on Ohio State Marion’s honors program, contact Honors Director, Dr. Christopher Daddis, at or visit Ohio State Marion Honors