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English Minors

Minor Areas of Study to Enrich You English Major Experience

The English Department offers coursework to fulfill a range of minors, including creative writing, professional writing, popular cultures, and English*. Non-English majors can complete any of the minors listed below, including a minor in English. Academic minors can enhance professional employment opportunities and provide students with an additional area of focus.Most minors at The Ohio State University require 12-18 credit hours.

The Professional Writing Minor

The Professional Writing Minor complements majors from all areas of study in the university. Coursework, including the capstone internship experience, prepares students to address the various kinds of digital-age writing needed by our partnering organizations, gain meaningful hands-on workplace experience,and add valuable credentials to their resumers. Our goal is to help students become reflective and articulate writers who contribute effectively to the ever-changing needs of 21st-century workplaces.

For more information about requirements, visit the Department's Professional Writing Minor page, or contact Dr. Catherine Braun or Shellie Shirk.

The Creative Writing Minor

Through an in-depth study and practice of the craft and creative writing, students produce original poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. The close study of these genres,approaching literature from an "inside" perspective rather than writing about literature from the "outside," also enables students to enhance their critical reading and writing skills. In addition, students who work on the Cornfield Review (our long-standing campus literary journal) can gain valuable experience in the publishing process.

For more information contact:
Dr. Stuart Lishan, or Shellie Shirk.

The Popular Culture Studies Minor

The English minor, a kind of English-major-in-miniature, consists of five undergraduate courses for a minimum of 15 total credit hours, three of can be electives at 3000-level or above. Courses that fulfill minor requirements may also be used to fulfill the university's General Education requirements.
For more information contact: Shellie Shirk.

*While Students completing an English major may complete the Creative Writing or Professional Writing minors, they may not complete the English minor.