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Computer Science Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University at Marion. If you are visiting this page you may be aware of the importance of computing and universal presence of this discipline in everyday life. Our program is designed to prepare students for innovative and challenging career and provide computing skills for students of other disciplines.

Students in CSE program are required to complete fundamental math, science and engineering courses to apply for the major. OSU Marion offers the first two years courses in CSE major. After admitting to the major and taking required courses students can study different branches in CSE in the main campus including:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Auditory, Speech & Language processing, Cognitive systems, Computer Vision
  • Computer Graphics: Animation, Computational Biology, Games and Virtual Environments, Geometric processing, Visualization
  • Networking and Distributed Computing: Wireless Networking, Cyber-Physical Systems, Distributed Computing, network Security, Social Networks
  • Software Engineering and Programming Languages
  • Systems: Computer Architecture, Data Management and Mining, High performance Computing, Software Systems
  • Theory and Algorithms: Computational Geometry, Computational Learning Theory, Graph Algorithms, Random structures and algorithms, etc.

For more information about the program objectives and outcomes, prerequisites for admission to major, and other information please refer to

If you have any question please contact engineering advising office

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CSE 1222: Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists
Credits: 3
Course Description: Introduction to computer programming in C++ with applications in engineering and the physical sciences; algorithm development; programming lab experience. C++ loops and conditionals, functions, arrays, file input and output and pointers.
Prerequisites: Math 1151or Math 1161. (No programming or C++ experience required). Not open to students with credit for Engr 1281.01 or Engr 1281.02 or CSE 202.

CSE 2111: Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases
Credits: 3
Course Description: Business software applications using spreadsheets and databases, solving different business problems efficiently and effectively.
Prerequisites: Math 1161, Math 1130, or Math 1148
Exclusion: Not open to students who have credit for CS&E 1111, CS&E 1113, or CSE 1112, CS&E 101, CS&E 105, CSE&E 200

CSE 2221: Software I: Software Components
Credits: 4
Course Description: Intellectual foundations of software engineering; design-by-contract principles; mathematical modeling of software functionality; component-based software from client perspective.
Prerequisites: CSE 1211 or CSE 1212 or CSE 1221 or ENGR 1221 or CSE 1222 or CSE 1223 or CSE 201 or CSE 202 or CSE 203 or CSE 204 or CSE 205 or EG 167 or CSE Placement Level A; co-req: Math 1151 or Math 1161

CSE 2231: Software 2: Software Development and Design
Credits: 4
Course Description: Data representation using hashing, search trees, and linked data structures; algorithms for sorting; using trees for language processing; component interface design; best practices in Java.
Prerequisites: CSE 2221; co-req: CSE 2321

CSE 2321: Foundation I: Discrete Structures ( It is going to be offered soon !)
Credits: 3
Course Description: Propositional and first-order logic; basic proof techniques; graphs, trees; analysis of algorithms; asymptotic analysis; recurrence relations
Prerequisites: (CSE 1232 or CSE 1233 or CSE 2221 or CSE 214 or CSE 230 or CSE 222) and (Math 1151 or Math 1156 or Math 1161 or Math 152 or Math 162); co-req for those entering with CSE 2221: CSE 2231

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