The Ohio State University at Marion

Endorsements and Licensures

Do you have an Ohio teaching license or certificate? Are you interested in expanding your teaching credentials?

Consider an endorsement program. Each endorsement from The Ohio State University can increase your marketability as an educator. It gives you the flexibility to teach additional subjects and grade levels than a standard teaching license.

These programs are developed to have flexibility to fit around your schedule, so earning an endorsement is a convenient and smooth process.

For more information on any of the following endorsements, contact:

Sharon Gattshall
Academic Advisor

Reading Endorsement

Earn a K-12 Reading Endorsement at The Ohio State University at Marion. Courses taught by experts who specialize in helping struggling readers. New classes starting Summer 2019.

Edu T&L 5610: Language Arts & ESL Instruction


Edu T&L 7428: Trends and Issues in Teaching Reading

Edu T&L 5470: Assessment and Remediation for Struggling Readers

Edu T&L 5469: Phonics is available if not taken in pre-service program or is older than 10 years. The State of Ohio requires all teachers to have this course.

Edu T&L 5471: Clinical Practice in Treating Reading Disabilities Hybrid Course

If you are currently working toward an M.A. in Education, these credits will count toward your degree. If you begin an M.A. program within 5 years you may apply 7 credit hours to your degree.

Prerequisites Requirements

  • Must hold a valid teaching license
  • Pre-service Reading Requirements
    • 9 credit hours for Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA), multi-age, or career technical license
    • 12 credit hours for Early & Middle Childhood
    • One 3-credit hour literature course: Children’s or Young Adult Literature


  • The children’s or YA literature coursework and additional courses taken for initial licensure/certification may count as part of the 9 or 12 hours of pre-service reading coursework.
  • Coursework for Area 1: Phonics may count towards both pre-service reading coursework and the actual Reading Endorsement requirements.

What You Need To Do

  1. Be a licensed teacher--as required by the State of Ohio.
  2. For application, enrollment, and financial aid procedures contact: Chris Trapp -- Marion Campus (740-725-6126 or
  3. For academic advising contact: Sharon Gattshall -- Marion Campus ( or (740) 725-6279.

NOTE: Some previous degrees and courses may count toward this endorsement program. Check the following website for qualifying experiences, such as Reading Recovery, Literacy Collaborative, and TESOL.

Check your school district for Tuition Waivers and campus for scholarships.

Early Childhood Generalist

The Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement allows teachers holding a standard Ohio license in grades Pre-K-3 to add 4th and 5th grade in all subject areas. The addition of the early childhood generalist endorsement to an early childhood license provides teachers with additional teaching options. This endorsement cannot be added to any other teaching license.