The Ohio State University at Marion

About the Education Major

Bachelor of Science in Education, Early Childhood Education [licensure]

  • The Early Childhood Education majors is for those students who wish to work with children enrolled in school programs pre-K to third grade. Upon successful completion of the coursework and field/student teaching placements, you will be recommended for a teaching license through the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Grounded in a social constructivist approach to teaching and learning, students accepted into the Early Childhood Education major will pursue a course of study that prepares them both conceptually and practically to teach using inquiry based strategies within a cooperative learning context.
  • Prior to admission to this highly competitive program, successful applicants will have a grade point average of 2.75 or better and demonstrated experience working with children in groups and diverse communities. They will take classes that include a series of general education requirements and prerequisite coursework designed to lay the foundation for theoretical and methods courses that follow upon admission to the BSEd program.
  • Once admitted, students will take classes in early childhood pedagogy and content methods coupled with a series of field experiences including a one-semester preschool placement and culminating in a year-long elementary (K-3) field/student teaching placement.

Bachelor of Science in Education, Middle Childhood Education [licensure]

  • The Middle Childhood Education major prepares students to teach in grades 4-9 leading to licensure in the state of Ohio. The components of this major have been designed to meet state and national standards, licensure requirements and Ohio State's general education requirements.
  • Offered on the Columbus, Lima, Marion, Mansfield and Newark campuses, students must earn a minimum 2.75 GPA to be considered for the major program. The selection process is highly competitive and the completion of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.
  • The principal philosophy behind the curriculum is to provide a liberal education in subjects relevant to teaching students in grades 4-9 as well as numerous opportunities for the student to experience, learn and reflect on effective pedagogy. This pathway emphasizes disciplinary content knowledge, educational foundations courses and pedagogy and methods courses which focus on early exposure to child development and psychological and social foundations of education.

Child and Youth Studies (EMCYS) [without licensure]

  • Many students want to work with children and youth but do not want to become a licensed teacher. Students may enter this degree at the beginning of their freshman year or may change degrees after beginning work toward a BSEd.
  • Field experiences and Internships (unpaid) will be required for BSEd CYS students in various educational and service settings.
  • Career possibilities include various service organizations, community outreach groups, college administration, museum education, textbook development, college access, drug and alcohol awareness. and in other non-profit associations.

Other Information

  • Secondary education licensure is only available at the Columbus campus.
  • All licensure programs at Ohio State Marion are at the Bachelor’s level.
  • Transfer students will need to submit transcripts for faculty review to determine timeline for degree attainment.