The Ohio State University at Marion

English 2290: Colonial and U. S.Literature to 1865

Dr. Sara Crosby, 3 credit hours

English 2290: Colonial and U. S.Literature to 1865

Aliens in the America Mind

This class
will ask you to investigate the alien encounters that made “America.” When Old and New Worlds met, the clash shook identities and truths that had seemed eternal. The unthinkable became reality, and ideas that previous generations would have judged insane—democracy, for instance—became “American.” In this class, we will meet some of the criminals, captives, rebels, so-called “lunatics,” and outcasts who emerged as “American” authors, and we will examine the strange new literature they wove out of their experiences on the edge of the unknown. In short, we’ll try to map the development of an American psychology and understand the aliens in our own minds.

Fulfills GEC Requirements for Arts and Humanities: Analysis of Texts and Works of Art.