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Career Services

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Thanks to the vision and mission of The Ohio State University, The Office of Career Services exists for the benefit of our students and alumni. Reaching our students and telling our story can often be the most frustrating part for anyone in my type of position.

As a faculty member who sees the student on a regular basis, you possess the power to influence certain behaviors. Your assistance in helping to get the message out is key toward the success of our services.

Helping students prepare for the 'other world' that exists beyond the university is a challenge that both of us face on a regular basis. When we work together we can empower our students toward careers for personal and professional satisfaction.

I welcome the opportunity to visit with you at any time to discuss our combined role to better serve our students. Your questions, comments, and suggestions are valuable to me as we strive to enhance the services and programs offered.

Whenever the opportunity exists that you would like me to visit your class, conduct a workshop or to meet with you personally, please feel free to call me at 725-6344 or e-mail Also, should you ever need to be away from class on any given day...don't cancel the me and I will fill-in with a short program that will show students how I can be of assistance in their career development.

Again, your assistance in telling the Career Services story is encouraged and appreciated whether it is in the classroom, working one-on-one with a student, or with another faculty member. Thank you for your participation and support.

Will Smith
Coordinator, Career Services