The Ohio State University at Marion

Academic Awards

Academic Recognition Awards at Ohio State Marion - The following awards, scholarships, and prizes are presented annually at the Academic Recognition Program for students attending the Marion campus.

For a list of previous academic award winners visit: Academic Award Archives

BABICH WRITING AWARD - The Babich Writing Award is sponsored by the Honors Program and is given in honor of the late Robert and Marilyn Babich, in whose names the funding was given to establish the Babich Honors Fund. Separate awards are given for the best paper written by a freshman or sophomore and by a junior or senior.

C. EUGENE MAYNARD ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD - The C. Eugene Maynard Academic Excellence Award is presented each year to the outstanding senior student who has completed a significant portion of her/his studies on the Marion campus and has attained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50. This award is funded by Ohio State alumni and the Ohio State Marion Honors Program.

CRC PRESS FRESHMAN CHEMISTRY AWARD - The CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Award is presented to the outstanding student in the three–quarter freshman chemistry sequence for science, medicine, & engineering majors.

CREATIVE WRITING AWARDS - The Creative Writing Award is presented to outstanding students who have participated in the Creative Writing Awards Competition. Students are recognized for their creative writing achievements in fiction, non–fiction, and poetry and chosen by judges who are published writers outside of the Ohio State Marion community.

DIGITAL MEDIA COMPOSITION AWARD - The Ohio State Marion Marion Digital Media Composition Award is given annually to the single best instance of student–produced digital composition from Marion campus. Examples of eligible submissions include, but aren’t necessary limited to: short videos; Flash animation; web sites; blogs; visual compositions (Photoshop collages, poster designs, infographics, etc.); audio compositions (audio essays, public service announce, spoof commercials, etc.); and digital literacy biographies or narratives.

FRANKLIN FINE ARTS AWARD - The Franklin Fine Arts Award is presented to an undergraduate student excelling in creativity.

GRIFFIN SOCIETY TEACHING AWARD - This award from the Griffin Society, an Honors and social organization that encourages academic excellence and success through participation in Honors Program classes and activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, recognizes superior undergraduate teaching by a senior lecturer, lecturer, instructor or teaching associate at OSU Marion.

Assistance provided to students for the International Study Travel Award.

HOWARD HONORS BOOK AWARD/S - The Howard Honors Book Award is presented to outstanding students who have participated in regular Honors Program courses. These awards recognize the lifelong contributions to academic excellence at The Ohio State University Marion by Mr. Ralph Howard and Mrs. Joanne Howard Hoffman. These awards are funded by contributions to The Howard Honors Fund.

INTERNATIONAL STUDY TRAVEL AWARD - The International Study Travel Award is presented to assist students to conduct extended field studies or participate in international travel programs.

JOHN MOUNT ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD - The John Mount Academic Excellence Award is presented to the outstanding senior who began his/her studies at Ohio State Marion and completed those studies at the Columbus campus. This award is funded by the Ohio State Marion Honors Program. The award is determined by a faculty honors committee and is based on an application from the candidates, faculty recommendations, grade point averages, and student research.

MARION CAMPUS TEACHING AWARDS - This award honors two faculty members – one regular faculty member and one associated faculty member – for excellence in teaching. Chosen by the faculty, the recipient of this award is not announced until the awards program.

OLIVER E. HAMILTON HISTORY AWARD - The Oliver E. Hamilton History Award is presented to a junior or senior History major with the highest grade point average. This award was made possible by a gift from Oliver Hamilton.

OLIVER E. HAMILTON WRITING AWARDS - Two Oliver E. Hamilton Writing Awards are presented: one to a student in a lower division history course; the other to a student in an upper division history course. This award was made possible by a gift from Oliver Hamilton.

RALPH HOWARD SERVICE AWARD - The Ralph Howard Service Award is presented annually by the Marion Campus Board of Trustees to an individual member of the community, or an organization, that has contributed to the development of the academic program and has made a significant impact on the quality of education at The Ohio State University at Marion. This award recognizes the lifelong contributions to academic excellence at Ohio State Marion by Mr. Ralph Howard and Mrs. Joanne Howard Hoffman. Each of the recipients – past, present, and future – has been recognized for their outstanding and unique contribution towards the ongoing success and growth of The Ohio State University at Marion and its students and plays a special role in the rich history of this campus.

PRESIDENT’S SALUTE TO UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT - The President’s Salute to Undergraduate Academic Achievement is a special tradition at The Ohio State University. Each year, the colleges of the university are asked to nominate a select group of honors undergraduates who are exemplary students as demonstrated by their performance, curriculum, and related experiences. The nomination of a student by his or her college is a high honor due to the very limited number of students selected for this recognition.

SENIOR HONORS THESIS RECOGNITION AWARD - The Senior Honors Thesis Recognition Award provides undergraduates with rewards and opportunities for pursuing undergraduate research.

STUDENT ENVIRONMENTAL CITIZENSHIP AWARD - The Student Environmental Citizenship Award was created by The Ohio State University at Marion’s Prairie Advisory Committee to recognize Marion students who demonstrate a commitment to environmentally–related causes. Faculty, staff, and students are asked to nominate students for the inaugural year of this award.

UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD - The Undergraduate Excellence Awards are presented to freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior students recognized as outstanding by virtue of combined achievements in scholarship, leadership, and service to The Ohio State University at Marion. These awards are made possible through contributions to the Howard Honors Fund and the Babich Honors Fund.

WM. KAY DAVIS ENGINEERING AWARD - The Wm. Kay Davis Engineering Award annually recognizes up to three students who are pursuing an engineering degree, beginning their college career at Ohio State Marion. Award recipients must be admitted to the College of Engineering, having completed all required prerequisites. They will be selected by Ohio State Marion Engineering faculty based on a combination of criteria: grade point average; exceptional character; and promise in the field of engineering.

WM. KAY DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP - The Howard Honors Scholarship recognizes members of the Ohio State Marion undergraduate Honors Program with opportunities to significantly enhance the quality of their education through undergraduate research. This award is presented to students developing their individual potential to the fullest by engaging in challenging coursework, seeking out academic programs that have breadth and depth, and interacting with professors and students in intellectual contexts.