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This page is a bare-bones tool for display of images submitted for general viewing.  If you would like to post an image, please send it as a standard image format file attachment (jpeg, jpg, tiff, gif) and explanatory message to Rich Bradley (bradley.10@osu.edu).  Please try to keep the images fairly small. I will re-size the images and post them here. This may take a few days (for me to get the time to do it).

Here are the images (click on the name to view the image):

Please respect copyright. These images are placed here for viewing and should not be copied and used for commercial purposes.

Pretty Image of Dolomedes tenebrosus

Image of Eris aurantia (a green jumping spider)

Image of mystery spider from Iowa

Diane Brooks' images of Dolomedes tenebrosus.

    Low resolution front view (37 KB)

    Low resolution side view (38 KB)

    High resolution front view (113 KB)

    High resolution side view (136 KB)

more of Diane Brooks' images

   Filmy dome spider (underside) Neriene radiata

   Neoscona (probably crucifera)

   Northern Widow (Latrodectus variolus) with caterpillar cocoons

   Nurseryweb spider on bag of topsoil (Pisaurina mira)

The following are images contributed by Jay Cossey.  These spiders were not collected so the identities cannot be verified. If you think you know the identity, please email me (Rich Bradley) with that information.

    bronze jumper (Eris militaris male) (218 KB)

    jumping spider 1 (Thiodina sylvana female) (62 KB)

    jumping spider 2 (Phidippus clarus?) (784 KB)

    jumping spider 3 (Phidippus clarus?) (277 KB)

    jumping spider 4 (Phidippus sp?) (277 KB)

    cardinal jumper? (Phidippus cardinalis?) with cricket prey (231 KB)

   nurseryweb spider (Dolomedes sp?) with damselfly prey (197 KB)

    resting orbweaver (Eustala sp?) (189 KB)

Jay Cossey has many wonderful images on his own website.

Bill Hickman's first photos with a Nikon Coolpix of Steatoda and Larinioides. Morrow County, Ohio

Male Steatoda triangulosa #1

Male Steatoda triangulosa #2

Male Steatoda triangulosa #3

Male Steatoda triangulosa being eaten by small female theridiid, possibly Achaearanea tepidariorum

Female Larinioides (probably cornutus)

Images from out-of-state

Image of Dysdera from Garth Frankel (Spokane WA)

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Background image: Brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) female by Richard Bradley.

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