General Information about Spiders

The Arachno Web - "The Arachnological Hub of the World Wide Web"  

World Spider Catalog - taxonomic reference of all valid spider species names

Colorado Spider Survey

Books on Spider Identification

In Ohio's Backyard: Spiders - for sale by the Ohio Biological Survey (scroll down publication list)

Spiders of the Eastern United States

Spiders and Their Kin

Spiders of North America -- an Identification Guide for sale by the American Arachnological Society

Common Spiders of North America -- an color illustrated guide to the most common spider species encountered in North America, north of Mexico

Learning Opportunities

Theodore Stone Laboratory (Ohio State University) Spider Class

Scientific and Popular Spider-related Organizations

The American Tarantula Society

The American Arachnological Society

The International Society of Arachnology

British Arachnological Society

Venomous Spiders, Spiders of Medical Importance and Spider Bites
Myths about Spiders Debunked

Brown Recluse Facts

Identifying Brown Recluse

Causes of Necrotic Wounds other than Brown Recluse 

General Interest Sites (particularly those with information about animals)

American Museum of Natural History  

Ohio Biological Survey

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Ohio Lepidopterists - Butterfly enthusiasts

Ohio State University Fact Sheets: Black Widow Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Spiders In and Around the House

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