In Ohio’s Backyard: Spiders

Ohio Biological Survey Backyard Series No. 4


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The Ohio Biological Survey has published the fourth volume in its “In Ohio’s Backyard” series.  This volume covers the spiders of Ohio, and includes 185 pages of text, 159 full color photographs of 100 different species, line drawings, and tables.  An extensive appendix section includes six lesson plans for teachers, a glossary, a pronunciation guide, and a reading list.  The six main chapters include information about the relationship of spiders to people, the life history, biology, and identification of spiders, and a key to families.


         Published in 2004 185 p

          Introduction to spiders & spider biology

          Over 100 species illustrated in color photographs

          Target audience: general interest, naturalists, school teachers

          Identification keys

          Field study & collecting guidelines

          Interactive lesson plans for teachers

         Available in paperback or spiral binding


About the Author: Dr. Richard  Bradley

Associate professor of biology at Ohio State University at Marion. 


He has conducted research on arachnids since 1983. He has published 15 scientific papers and numerous magazine articles about spiders and other arachnids.  His current project is “The Ohio Spider Survey.” This is a public-outreach program funded partly through the Ohio Division of Wildlife, Wildlife Diversity program.


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