Winter Weather Status

Campus Status is:  OPEN

Individual Class Cancellation List
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(no classes cancelled means, no class cancellations have been reported to the online class cancellation system and all classes are in session.)

The Ohio State University at Marion Weather Closing Policy

If a Level 3 snow emergency is declared in Marion County (but not necessarily because of a snow emergency in another county) classes will be cancelled and Ohio State Marion campus will be closed

If a Level 1 or 2 snow emergency is declared, Ohio State Marion will make every effort to remain open.  However, when conditions reach Level 2, students should pay close attention to area radio and TV announcements for updates and announcements. The Broadcast media will be contacted as soon as possible when all classes are cancelled or the campus is closed.

When classes are cancelled, offices remain open; when the campus is closed, all operations are shut down. Individual class cancellations will NOT be reported to the media; only when ALL classes are cancelled or delayed will the media be asked to make announcements for the campus.

Because Ohio State Marion is a commuter campus and does not utilize public mass transportation, the campus does not close nearly as frequently as area school systems. Closings/cancellations are rare.

The Delaware Partnership Location/Columbus State Delaware will make closing or cancellation decisions separately, in consultation with Marion campus. Closing and cancellation decisions for The Delaware Partnership Location will not necessarily correspond with those made for Marion campus.

Marion Technical College makes weather-related decisions independent of Ohio State. Therefore, students should be certain to listen specifically for Ohio State Marion information.