Undergraduate Student Government

2013-14 Officer Applications (pdf file)

Officer Descriptions and Responsibilities


2012-13 USG Officers

President: Christopher Wilds
Vice President: Gary Cox
Secretary: Melissa Redick
Treasurer: Jessica Swope


The Ohio State University at Marion values our students and their opinions. One of the primary goals of Ohio State Marion’s Office of Student Life is to give our students an opportunity to excel in leadership roles, better preparing them for the world after graduation. 

We are reviving Undergraduate Student Government (USG), as one of the university’s most established and respected student organizations here on the Marion campus. USG is a student organization that serves campus administration by offering advice and  undergraduate student perspective in the formulation of campus policy.  USG is considered the primary undergraduate student-based liaison between the undergraduate student body, the faculty, and administration.

If you are interested in joining USG, contact Nadea Khorbotly, Program Manager of Student Life,
at khorbotly.1@osu.edu or call (740) 725-6273.

For more information about USG:

E-mail (usgmarion@osu.edu)



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