Student Organizations

There are several ways to get involved with student organizations and/or clubs on the Marion campus. Not only will you have an opportunity to make new friends and serve the university community, but studies show that students who get involved with campus organizations typically do better academically.

The Office of Student Activities, room 104, in the Alber Student Center is your resource center to find an organization to make a contact. Look for flyers, posters and read Buckeye Briefs for information about events and meetings. Below is a list of active clubs/organizations and those on hiatus you may be interesting in checking out.

Student Organization Handbook>>>



Engineering Club
The purpose of the Ohio State Marion Engineering Club is to provide all members a way to communicate with one another effectively.  We offer the option to aspiring engineers to see what engineers do in the real world by having guest speakers and possible field trip to different work places in the surrounding area.  The club will hold various building competitions among one another throughout the year, and meets about twice a month. 
Contact:  Gary Maul, Advisor, 740-725-6368;

Psychology Club
An academic student organization open to all students interested in social science in everyday behavior. The OSUM Psych Club helps students learn about careers in psychology through invited talks, fieldtrips, and community service. The organization hosts the annual OSU Marion Giving Tree Project during Autumn Quarter. Psych Club website:
Contact: Dr. Terry Pettijohn, Advisor, (740) 725-6260;

Sociology and Criminology Club
To provide a forum for students interested in sociology or criminology to discuss and explore issues of social or criminological relevance career opportunities and professional pathways, and engage in community outreach.
Contact: Dr. Marianna Klochko, Advisor, (740) 725-6243; 


OSUM Soccer Club
To Provide a friendly, social environment for athletes of all skill levels. We would like to socially engage students with members of the greater community through friendly soccer matches. The club will promote a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating to remain fit. 
Contact: Dr. Zuheir Alidib, Advisor, (740) 725-6306; 

OSUM Arabic Club
This group is created to explore the richness of the Arabic culture. It promotes understanding of how the Arabic civilization led to the western renaissance. It is open to anyone interested in the Arabic language, culture, literature, travel and participation in social/cultural activities that explore the Arabic heritage and customs. Please plan to join us on Thursdays 12:00 -1:00  p.m. in Delaware Partnership Location, Room 123.  Contact: Dr. Zuheir Alidib, Advisor at 740.725.6306;

Le Cercle Français (OSUM French Club)
Developed to explore the diversity of French culture, and to promote understanding of how  French culture affects our everyday lives. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge, language skills, traveling and participating in social/cultural activities that explore the French traditions and customs, please plan to join us on Fridays 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Morrill Hall, Room 290. 
Contact: Dr. Zuheir Alidib, Advisor, (740) 725-6306; 

Multicultural Club
Committed to promoting regular and frequent interaction between different cultures with the aim of increasing mutual understanding. Their goal is also to promote a climate at the Marion/Delaware campuses that heightens the awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity. Ties are established with other organizations within the University and the community who share their interest of multiculturalism, and they strive to promote unity by working together for common goals. Activities include, group discussions, community outreach, and event planning.
Contact: Shawn Jackson, Advisor, (740) 725-6219;

To provide an anonymous, health, and safe place for the students who are discovering their sexual orientation or friends and allies of these students.
Contact: Tracy Tylka, Advisor, (740) 725-6384;

Swahili Club
Will explore the cultures in which the Swahili language is spoken. The club will be a learning experience and will be educational in the exploration of east African culture.
Contact: Professor Zak Nyongesa (614) 622-7977;


Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government
The premier undergraduate student based forum for undergraduate student concerns in the primary advocate of those concerns to the administration of Ohio State Marion campus. Furthermore, they shall serve the administration by offering an undergraduate perspective in matters of campus policy, student activities, and all other matters which impact the undergraduate students of Ohio State Marion campus. This body shall act as the primary liaison between the undergraduate student body and the administration, faculty, and staff. Contact: Lynda Behan, Advisor, (740) 725-6284;



Buckeye Military Support Alliance
A mission to assist any active, inactive, or retired military person with transition from military to civilian life. This will include transitional information concerning financial, personal, emotional, and governmental issues. It also includes issues to assist with entry into and maintaining college attendance.  
Contact: Sharon Gatshall, Advisor at 740.725.6279;

Griffin Society
An honors and social organization that encourages academic excellence and success through participation in honors classes and activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Griffin Society is open to all students who maintain a 3.00 GPA or those that have successfully completed an honors course. 
Contact: Dr. Chris Daddis, Advisor, (740) 725-6109;



BOSS (Business Opportunity Student Society)
An organization to help students find the key to success in both college and professional careers. Students interested in business and business related majors plan programs, guest speakers and activities during “Beat Michigan Week,” as well as an annual trip to visit corporations and Board of Trade.   
Contact: Tom Marshall, Advisor at 740.725.6315;


Recreational Sports

Outdoor Pursuits
An activities organization open to all students interested in exploring outdoor adventures, The group coordinates trips and workshops on various aspects of outdoor activities, including backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, rafting, and much more.                                                       
Contact: Dave Beckel, Advisor, (740) 725-6206;

Soccer Club
To Provide a friendly, social environment for athletes of all skill levels. We would like to socially engage students with members of the greater community through friendly soccer matches. The club will promote a healthy lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating to remain fit. 
Contact: Dr. Zuheir Alidib, Advisor, (740) 725-6306; 



Campus Crusade
An interdenominational group of students that promote spiritual/religious activities on campus. Campus Crusade hosts weekly Bible study programs, male and female discussion groups and a variety of other activities.
Contact: Bryan Sickmiller, Advisor, (740) 725.6245;



Freethought Society
To provide a place for atheists, secularists, skeptics, naturalists, and others to gather together with like-minded people for discussion of relevant topics, promotion of secularism, skepticism, naturalism, as well as philanthropy in accordance with humanist ideals.
Contact: Dr. Richard Bradley, Advisor, (740) 725-6266;]

Non-Traditional Student Organization
Encourages social organization to promote and support the non-traditional students on campus. The organization has plans to participate in fundraisers, campus activities, as well as guide non-traditional students as they begin their education.                                                                  Contact: Penny Eyster, Advisor, (740) 725-6246;



Marion Campus Contemporary A Cappella Group
A contemporary a cappella vocal ensemble open to Ohio State students via audition. The group performs a variety of modern pop, rock music without the aid of any instruments at campus functions and throughout the community, and the state of Ohio.  For more information or to audition contact: Wayne Rowe, staff advisor, (740) 725-6316;


Student Media/Publications

Cornfield Review
A journal for the creative arts and is published once a year as a publication of The Ohio State University at Marion. The publication includes poems, short stories, personal essays, photographs, and drawings, and takes submissions primarily from OSUM students, faculty, and staff (it does accept work from writers unaffiliated with the university as well). 
Contact: Dr. Ben McCorkle, Advisor, (740)725-6152; 

Film Club
To educate and inspire the Marion OSU campus and the Marion community through film. We are looking for people who love to watch film and possibly even make films. We would love to see you if either one of these things interest you.
Contact: Dr. Ben McCorkle, Advisor, (740) 725-6152;

How are new student organizations formed?
Various student organizations are registered with the Office of Student Activities on an annual basis. Tthese organizations exist because students formed them based on their own personal interests, If you do not find a group that meets your needs, think about forming your own student organization,
Here's how to form a student organization:
  • Have three students to serve as student leaders for the group
  • Enlist the support of a faculty or staff member who is employed on a full-time basis with the college.
  • Prepare a constitution that outlines your student organization name, purpose, and governance / operating procedures
Once you have secured these requirements, stop by the Office of Student Activities, room 104, Alber Student Center for a registration form, which must be completed every year and any time a student leader or adviser changes. Once you register your organization and are approved, you will receive information about funding for your group. If you have questions, please call Dave Beckel at (740) 725-6226.