Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an act of sexual aggression and violence expressed through force, anger and/or intimidation in which a person is made to engage in sexual activity without consent. Sexual Assault is a traumatic event for the victim, and is also a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct: and the Ohio Law.

Important Facts on Sexual Assault
-Statistics indicate that nationally one in four female college students has been a victim of sexual assault.

-Most assaults and sexual offenses on college campus involve people who know each other.

-Alcohol can be linked to many campus crimes, including physical and sexualassault.

-If you are a victim of sexual assault, you have the right to a fair hearing through Judicial Affairs. Please contact the following for more information:

Michael Short
Director of Student Affairs
Morrill Hall, Room 166
Phone: 389-OSUM, extension 6273

Sanctions to be imposed upon students by the university are varied and depend upon the degree of severity of the violation. Sanctions may include a formal reprimand; conduct probation, disciplinary probation or permanent dismissal. Additional education sanctions include participation in workshops, as well as recommended counseling and community services.