Science Cafés: Our 2008-2009 Season

October 7, 2008
Larry Yoder
Associate Professor Emeritus
Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center
Goshen College, Indiana
The Prairies of Marion County

October 28, 2008
Fritz Scheuren
Vice-President for Statistics
National Opinion Research Center
University of Chicago
Trust but Verify in Elections

December 2, 2008
Christopher Daddis
Department of Psychology
The Ohio State University
The True Nature of Adolescent-Parent Relationships: Conflict and Harmony

January 6, 2009
Caroline McEnnis
Whiting School of Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
The Science of Airport Security

February 3, 2009
Kathleen Knight
Joanne Rebbeck
USDA Forest Service, Delaware
Emerald Ash Borer: The Biology and Ecological Consequences of an Exotic Pest

March 3, 2009
Gordon Aubrecht
Department of Physics
The Ohio State University
The Large Hadron Collider

April 7, 2009
Richard Hoppe
Department of Biology
Kenyon College
Genetic Algorithms

May 5, 2009
Teresa Mensing
School of Earth Sciences
The Ohio State University
Plate Tectonics

June 2, 2009
Donn Young
The Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center
The Development of New Cancer Therapies