The Heart-Lung Machine:
The Mystery, The Science, The Art

David Holt
University of Nebraska Medical Center

7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This science café presents a discussion of a technology implicit in many lives today yet largely unknown, even to those whose lives it has touched: the Heart-Lung Machine. David Holt, a central Ohio educator and practitioner in the field, will lead the discusion.

The mechanical technology supporting life in many hospital cardiac procedures was born of necessity, evolved from trial and error, and even today continues a rapid technological evolution—an evolution both in the science and the operation of the heart-lung machine. There is mystery in applications that have been newly discovered in the decades since its relatively recent birth. Even the fundamentals, which are as rigid as could be imagined, have an artistic eloquence to those specially trained to manage it.

Here is an audio recording of this science cafe in mp3 format.