The Development of New Cancer Therapies:
The Long and Winding Road

Donn Young
Senior Research Scientist and Biostatistician
The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The development of more effective treatments for patients with cancer has made great strides since President Nixon initiated the "War on Cancer" with the National Cancer Act in 1971.

Our growing knowledge of the genetics of how cells function provides hope that cures lie in attacking molecular pathways to stop malignant cells from growing and metastasizing. However, our clinical trials designed to test new treatments in patients are becoming increasingly complex. The standard sequence of phase I, II, and III studies that has served us for almost 50 years is being replaced by trials based on targeting molecular and genetic mechanisms.

Donn will explain how new treatments are tested from the standpoint of a researcher who has spent over 30 years designing and conducting clinical trials — and after a recent diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer, as a patient enrolled in a clinical trial himself.

Here is an audio recording of this science cafe in mp3 format.