Science Café

Science cafés involve a lively conversation with a scientist about current science topics. They are open to everyone, and take place in casual settings like pubs and coffeehouses.

At a café you can

  • learn about the latest issues in science
  • chat with a scientist in plain language
  • meet new friends
  • speak your mind
  • talk with your mouth full

At the next Science Café

6:00 p.m. • Tuesday, October 6

"The Genomic Revolution and You"

Dr. Douglas E. Crews 

Professor, Anthropology, College of Public Health in Epidemiology and Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, The Ohio State University

Knowledge of human molecular biology has exploded in recent decades.  Life sciences, food production and biomedicine all have been altered by the molecular revolution.   Sequencing the human genome was but one outcome.  Today, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) contribute to our daily diets.  Among future biomedical goals are individualized genomic medicine, organs grown from stem cells, and human cloning.  Genomics in health care and food production contribute to sociopolitical tensions and ongoing debates worldwide.  Understanding the genomic revolution requires knowledge of how evolution works and how complex is our genome.  Then normative states, disease processes, and the dangers and benefits of GMOs may be identified.  Genomics’ influences on the present and future of humankind cannot be overstated.  But, multiple questions arise.  How do genes contribute to human disease?  Do genes affect all aspects of human variation?  Who owns your genes and genome?   My purpose is not to resolve any issues, but to aid understanding of “genomania” and “genophobia”.

The Warehouse, 320 W. Center Street Marion, OH 43302

Note for those attending Science Cafe:  We will meet in the large room in the back of the Warehouse.  Food and drinks will be available for purchase from the Warehouse menu.  Please arrive earlier if you would like to eat dinner prior to the presentation.

The Marion Science Café meets monthly at:

The Warehouse
320 West Center Street
Marion, Ohio

The restaurant will have plenty of fine food and drink for sale. We begin at 6:00 p.m. but arrive earlier for dinner. Our Science Cafés feature a presentation by a scientist and discussion. You can have a conversation with the scientist or talk among yourselves.

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November 4

Dr. John Maharry, Associate Professor of Mathematics. The Ohio State University

Dynamic Networks, Epidemics, and Friendships: Applications to a variety of situations 


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For more information about Ohio State Marion's Science Café, contact:

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to the Warehouse for hosting the Marion Science Café.