Student Retention

Are you having problems with your classes? Do you feel as if you cannot get a handle on your coursework? Are you failing a class? Do you have questions about deficiency points? Are you stressed about your academics, work, and family? Depressed? Overwhelmed? Interested in programs that will help you in becoming a successful college student? These are a few examples as to why you may want to visit the Office of Retention. The Ohio State University at Marion's goal is to encourage successful completion of your college degree. Many students need additional academic, social and emotional support and assistance during their college careers.

Working with members of the Committee on Academic Standards, Faculty, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Career Services, Counseling Services, The Academic Enrichment Center, Alumni, community organizations and other individuals, the Office of Retention has developed many retention initiatives to assist you with academic, personal and social transition problems.

The office is designed to assist you throughout your college career.


Chris Trapp
100N Maynard Hall
(740) 725-6126