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Summer is just around the corner which means vacations and road trips are upon us.  What better way to spend your days than to view the beauty of tall grass prairies around the state.  While you plan your next vacation, consider stopping to explore some of Ohio's prairies!  To see the highlights of what Ohio has to offer  click the Ohio Prairies tab

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About the Prairie Nature Center

The Prairie Nature Center is located on the campus of The Ohio State University at Marion, 60 miles north-west of Columbus. The Prairie Nature Center is located in the Sandusky Plains region which in pre-settlement times included an estimated 300 square miles (192,000 acres) of tallgrass prairie and savannah.

Today, only about 75 acres remain in the three Sandusky Plains counties--Marion, Crawford, and Wyandot. The prairies that remain are scattered and degraded remnants which aren't officially protected.

Ohio State Marion botany professor, Dr. Larry Yoder, began the prairie restoration process in 1977 by collecting seeds and plants from local prairies. Dr. Yoder had help from students and community members.

he Prairie has since served as an outdoor learning laboratory used by many different groups. Ohio State Marion courses have utilized the prairie, as well as community groups such as scouting organizations, school groups and garden clubs.

f course the main attraction of our prairie is the community of plants consisting of wildflowers and grasses. Our prairie also includes a pond and peacefully meandering trails. Visitors are always welcome! If you're planning a visit, check out our What's in Bloom page to take a look at the plants you may see during your visit.