OSUTrainingToGo announces new job search courses

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The Ohio State University Alber Enterprise Center is offering an innovative approach to aiding your job search. Through a partnership with Prepare To Be Hired, LLC, the Alber Enterprise Center is offering a series of videos which will assist unemployed persons with their job search and the interviewing process. There are 10 videos within the series that cover How to Find a Job, How to Write a Resume, and How to Interview for the Job. Running time for each video is approximately 5 minutes.

The cost of this video library is $25.00 for 30 days of unlimited access to all 10 videos. To learn more about the video library or to purchase it, visit www.osutrainingtogo.com and choose the “Prepare To Be Hired” icon on the home page. Please direct any questions regarding the program to Lynn Altomari at 740-725-6312.