CSI: Campus Suggestion and Improvement

News Release Date: 
02.04.10 - 03.01.10

The Marion Campus Suggestion and Improvement Group is a newly formed group that is seeking to collect ideas, constructive criticism and suggestions from faculty, staff and students for improving the Marion Campus and Delaware Center. Feedback on various aspects of the Marion Campus and Delaware Center operations are welcome at any time. Periodically the CSI group will focus on an individual department on campus that has requested to receive feedback on their services.

Currently the Office of Academic Advising is requesting feedback on how the advising department can better serve the students, faculty and staff on the Marion and Delaware Center Campus.

If you have comments or would like to supply suggestions please e-mail or talk to a member of the Campus Suggestion and Improvement group (listed below) or provide completely anonymous feedback at the website:


On behalf of the Campus Suggestion and Improvement group: