Students send soldiers a small piece of home

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U.S. Army First Lieutenant Alex Sayre shared his thanks with members of The Ohio State University at Marion student organization Buckeye Military Support Alliance (BMSA) for care packages sent to his unit while deployed overseas.  Pictured left is a photo of an M2A3 Bradely Infantry Fighting Vehicle proudly flying the Ohio State Marion pennant while in service in an undisclosed location. 


A quote from
1st Lt. Alex Sayre

“I wanted to thank both of you and your volunteers for the packages I received while I was deployed. I looked forward to the delivery of them each month. I enjoyed having something from home to read and share with my soldiers. The Ohio State items were proudly displayed throughout our living areas. I have attached a photo of the Ohio State pennant flying on one of our M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles.”

The Buckeye Military Support Alliance is one of many clubs & organizations that students can become involved in while on campus.  The organization works with other community volunteers and regularly collects items for care packages and ships them overseas.  Open to all Marion campus students, BMSA's primary mission is to assist any active, inactive, or retired military person with transition from military to civilian life/college life. This will include transitional information concerning financial, personal, emotional, and governmental issues. It also includes issues to assist with entry into and maintaining college attendance.

For more information on joining BMSA or any other student organization, contact Nadea Khorbotly in the Office of Student Life at: or call 740-725-6273.